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A Black Country?

I see the wide eyed loonies are at it again…..


When I say wide eyed loonies, I’m talking about the party who is leading the polls in England for the Euro elections.

Maybe Mr Henwood in saying that Lenny Henry should go and live in a black country is just saying that he should go back to where he came from -where he was born.

That is Dudley in the West Midlands. The heart of the area known as the Black Country

The UKIP Shipping Forecast

I saw one of these Facebook status things the other day which read something like “Surrealism used to be art. Now it’s everyday life”


I thought of it when I saw this headline:


When I saw it, I hadn’t long finished reading this article about UKIP councillor David Silvester who claimed that the Gay Marriage legislation had made the Good Lord so dischuffed, that he had unleashed the recent floods and storms on the UK in an act of vengeance.


Apparently, “The scriptures make it abundantly clear that a Christian nation that abandons its faith and acts contrary to the Gospel (and in naked breach of a coronation oath) will be beset by natural disasters.”

Several satirists have taken up the theme. A spoof Twitter account gives the UKIP weather forecast:


Nicholas Pegg then put out this shipping forecast on Radio 4. The usual advice about finishing any food or hot drinks before listening applies here.



Farage Balloon

What a stushie in Edinburgh this week when the bold Nigel found himself at the centre of a small but vocal protest against his visit to Scotland.

He threw the toys out of the pram and then later (see video in the link above) Mr Angry style, slammed the phone down on a BBC Scotland interviewer.

This blog’s opinion on Farage and UKIP has been made clear on several occasions and it isn’t complimentary. However maybe some more light than heat should be shed on him and his party.

For instance their economic and immigration policies are completely bonkers just don’t add up and are very sparse on detail. Perhaps a Paxman/Mair challenge to them would show Mr Farage up as what he is than some boisterous students venting their spleen and Farage benefiting from public sympathy from the exchange.

And also maybe there should be a debate on the issues where Farage and UKIP have a point like the recent EU commissioner for justice who is a convicted fraudster.

Like the backhanders received by unelected slimeballs like Barroso, Prodi and Mandelson. Barroso spent a week on Spiro Latsis’s luxury yacht – a jolly valued at 30,000 euros. Barroso’s predecessor Prodi approved 10 million of Greek state aid to the company owned by Latsis after accepting generous hospitality from the magnate.

Still Greece can afford it.

Mandelson’s love of hospitality from those who can secure influence from him is an article on its own.

These things shouldn’t deflect focus on Farage. He is very good at grandstanding and the Edinburgh exchange will have been right up his street. Where he is not so good is at handling awkward questions as evidenced by the short BBC Scotland interview.

That would seem to be the way to puncture the balloon.

Quote of the Weekend

From the Financial Times:

Ken Clarke, cabinet minister, described Ukip candidates as “clowns” and agreed with David Cameron’s words from 2006 that some of the party’s potential voters were “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”.


U kip if you want to…..

It’s a curious thing that UKIP have become the party of protest against the coalition is it not?

It’s a bit like having diarrhoea and taking a laxative to make it better.

It’s a bit like sitting on a nail, protesting that your arse is sore and seeing the solution as dabbing vinegar on the wound.

It’s a bit like (yes we get the idea….ed)

So aye the EU, it really couldn’t be a better rallying point for protest. It’s corrupt, undemocratic, unworkable and drowning in legislation and bureaucracy. It’s a project on the downward trajectory of an arc. In short it is not really very good.

Along come UKIP and using the easy target, they’ve fooled a lot of people into supporting them.

They are a reactionary pressure group only a notch or two above the BNP in their philosophy.

Don’t vote for these fuckers

Number Crunching

67% – Proportion of UK electorate who voted to remain in the European Economic Community in 1975 in a referendum.

22% – Proportion of UK electorate who would definitely vote to remain in the EU were a similar referendum held now.

40% – Proportion of UK electorate who would probably vote to stay in EU were a similar referendum held now.

51% – Proportion of UK electorate who would probably vote to leave EU were a similar referendum held now.

Source: ICM poll commissioned by The Mail Telegraph The Guardian

Actually, I take no pleasure in this at all. Those at the vanguard of the Euro- sceptic lobby are the self same type of eejits who want the return of fox hunting and the death penalty. I would actually quite like to be pro EU, as such a concept of international cooperation and fraternity suits my liberal view of the world.

However many years ago I noticed that the EU seemed to be based on a whole series of summits where no one could agree on anything.

After each one there would be briefings and statements from the various leaders which made one wonder if they had indeed been party to the same discussions. The impression given in photo calls was a unanimous one. A unanimous smile through collective gritted teeth.

I’m quite old fashioned in that I think that effective government is probably better situated quite near the location of the population affected by its legislation and decisions

That’s not to say that national governments should not cooperate and agree – of course they should, but what is the most likely route to that agreement?

In the housing estate where I live there is a Residents Association. At meetings, residents come along and discuss the various matters which concern them and in the main, can usually (indeed always) settle on the way to go by debate and discussion.

I sometimes wonder what the spirit of cooperation between residents would be like if there were connecting corridors built between each house, members of each household were free to come and go as they pleased and that everyone’s pay was credited to a single bank account.? If one household got into financial problems largely through not sticking to agreed rules and regulations, the others would rally round and bail them out.

It wouldn’t work.

Neither I’m afraid does the EU or the single currency.

The UK electorate it seems has woken up to that fact.

The mainstream parties have to get a handle on this soon, otherwise that jolly old jackass Nigel Farage and his UKIP cronies will continue in their untroubled ascendency.








Down Amongst the Dead Men

I thought I’d take a wee look at the fringe parties in last week’s Scottish Election. In particular I’m focussing here on parties which could reasonably be labelled to be on the far ‘left’ and ‘right’ of the mainstream.

The four elections looked at here are 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011
In the first two elections I only have data for the SSP so apologies if there were other left or right parties standing.

Nothing Left

If there were other far left votes cast in 1999 and 2003 then it would perhaps throw into even deeper relief how that vote has all but disappeared. Of course the trials of Tommy Sheridan have done nothing to help the SSP or in turn Solidarity. There is ample evidence that a split would have occurred anyway, not least because it’s what left wing parties do.

Right You Aren’t

On the right it’s good to see the BNP suffering losses although UKIP have gained ground. In reality though all these parties are for the foreseeable future, an irrelevance in Scotland.

George Galloway’s bid to bring  his bizarre love for despot dictators and medieval religions to Holyrood failed miserably. If you need any evidence of how Galloway speaks out both sides of his mouth then here it is:

And talking of medieval religions, I see the Scottish Christian Party are on the wane too.

UKIP Poll Crash

You can clearly see from this picture of the plane upside down that it only had a right wing.

Chris Adams, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Aylesbury, said: “Nigel was unconscious but he can talk.”

Separated At All?

This blog occasionally has a right go at the EU.

The EU is a wasteful, completely unnecessary entity.

It spews out laws and legislation that make many of  life’s simple pleasures an administrative nightmare.

It is a forced arranged marriage of nation states with nothing in common except laws  that their peoples neither voted for nor wanted.

When they do vote, it is manipulated and ignored.

It is wasteful.

It is undemocratic.

All of which provides material for the type of leaflet you see below.

In other words take a simple truth and twist it for your own purposes.

The press are talking up the possibility of UKIP overtaking Labour in the Euro elections.

What is needed now is Euro sceptics from the left and centre of politics to be heard and to influence their parties.

In the meantime though don’t vote for these bastards (below).

The initial appeal of their messages hide horrible dark and evil agendas.

I’m just away to put the leaflets in the bin.

BNP Leaflet

BNP Leaflet

UKIP leaflet

UKIP leaflet