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Wee club’s day in the Sun

Good to see that the hacks and editors have been diligent in their research:


Keep Well – Stay Out of the Sun

I’m certain that although the SNP seem to be moving in the right direction in the polls, Eck will have very mixed feelings about the Scottish Sun’s front page this morning:

The certain thing is that just as the last time the tabloid supported the Nats (“Rise Now and be a Nation Again”) this will be a temporary tactic because it suits the paper’s agenda for one reason or another. For every action by Rupert’s organ, an equal and opposite reaction can be expected somewhere down the line.

On the other hand I suppose it is refreshing that the traditional media antipathy towards the SNP in Scotland seems to be abating somewhat. Even the party’s most vehement of critics seem to be laying off a bit and it appears that the good old Pavlovian Daily Record are the only ones left to cheer lead for Scottish Labour.

Maybe this will be the time when Scotland finally splits with it’s curious blind loyalty to the party.

The Sun also damns Labour with this article. I’m sure that readers who know the area will puzzle as to why Howattshaws Rd in Dumbarton has been pinpointed. Knowing the town as I do, I’d be amazed if Howattshaws Rd was in the top ten poor streets in Dumbarton/Vale of Leven area let alone the top fifty in Scotland. It could be that the ‘high flats’ there have skewed the equation somewhat.

Poor old Iain Gray though. Here, two chaps called Fin and Geishy pay homage:

“Feel the rain like a Scottish summer
Hear the notes from a distant song
Stepping out from a back door Subway
Wishing life wouldn’t be so dull

Ah, we fade to gray, fade to gray
Ah, we fade to gray, fade to gray
Ah, we fade to gray
Deperir a gris
Ah, we fade to gray, fade to gray
Deperir a gris”

The Scottish election is by no means done and dusted but the support of the Sun, despite all the baggage and the almost inevitable pie in the face somewhere down the line, could be a pivotal moment in the campaign.

The Sunny Side of the Street

I’ve never bought the Sun newspaper. However I do read it regularly as one of the guys who works for me is a faithful reader. He takes the Sun and the Star (sorry it is even worse so I don’t look at it at all) every day. My relationship with the paper is simply to read the sports pages. The football coverage is actually quite good. The Sun certainly gives better coverage on lower league football than any other ‘Scottish’ newspaper. The quality dailies in this respect are found wanting.

The majority of the rest of the paper however is mindless rubbish about celebrities, reality TV and whatever is the current concern of dullard taxi drivers and bingo visiting housewives. My lunchtime flick through doesn’t take long.

SunStarr390-6331The very idea that a publication like the Sun could influence a general election in the UK is one worthy of concern. However I wonder just how much sway such a rag really has?

The paper has picked the winner in every election in modern times in much the same way that Derren Brown predicted the lottery numbers recently. They make their choice on a reactive rather than a pro-active basis.

The opinion polls show Labour in third place. It is  a position from which no political party has recovered to win an election. Your Soaraway Sun (in England and Wales) doesn’t like to be associated with such failure so therefore sticks its wad on the young stallion coming up on the outside rail and Cameron (for it is he) says ‘thank you’ to Mr Murdoch.

The_Sun_(Gotcha)If the polls continue to show Labour in similar trouble in Scotland I fully expect the Sun in Scotland to come out in support for the SNP. The paper has past form in this respect and had a sticker campaign a few years ago (Rise now and be a nation again).The Tory message will not sell many more deep fried Mars bar wrappers here.

Dichotemy? Irony? The Sun has it in spades.

So all the rag is doing is reflecting populist public opinion, not leading it by the nose. I wonder how many voters will really change their mind on how to cast their ballot by what the Sun writes? That is assuming that any of them can extricate their fat arses from the melamine seats at Burger King for long enough to care.

I must say in the short time I spend reading it I’ve never had the impression of any Labour supporting ethic anyway.

The Sun is a Tory paper?

Move along now nothing to see here!

More Headlines You Thought You’d Never Read!

Not that this blog would ever recommend reading the Sun of course but one of my colleagues reads it and brings my attention to the above article. The vacancy it transpires is for a “webcam performer” whose duties include “sexually explicit dialogue”. The applicant will require to be “nude or semi nude”. There is also a vacancy for a nude tv presenter at £280 per night!

Now here’s an interesting thing. Presumably these posts are covered by the sex/age/disabilty discrimination legislation(!)

Already I hear there has been a womens’ protest outside the job centre!

It isn’t known if the person who placed the ad has ever been to Dumbarton.

Hoist by His Own Petard!

Some news stories just bring a warm glow into one's life. Jeremy Clarkson, motoring journalist and broadcaster, writes a column for the Sun newspaper in which he puts the world to rights. To be fair I would probably agree with him on some matters, but on the whole he spouts what I would regard as populist rubbish a la Richard Littlejohn or Gary Bushell. He is in the Kelvin McKenzie camp when it comes to the Scots, regularly accusing us of being subsidised workshy freeloaders. How pleasant it was therefore to read the following: 


Jeremy Clarkson, a presenter for Top Gear on British TV, wrote a newspaper editorial that accused privacy activists of being hysterical over giant data-leaks (such as the British government repeatedly losing CDs bearing the financial details for 25 million households). To prove that identity theft wasn't a big deal, he included his bank account details in the article.

Whereupon someone promptly began making fraudulent withdrawals from his account.

Clarkson, 47, writing in his column in the Sunday Times, decried the furore last year after CDs disappeared containing the banking details of 7 million families.

The loss led to fears of mass identity theft with people's bank accounts open to internet scams.

At the time he wrote: "I have never known such a palaver about nothing. The fact is we happily hand over cheques to all sorts of unsavoury people all day long without a moment's thought. We have nothing to fear."

However, yesterday he told readers he had opened his bank statement to find a direct debit had been set up in his name and £500 taken out of his account.

"The bank cannot find out who did this because of the Data Protection Act and they cannot stop it from happening again," he said. "I was wrong and I have been punished for my mistake."

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