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Oh Danny Boy!

Danny Alaxander, quoted on the BBC. From the Lady Thatcher school of political humour:


“The Liberal Democrat MP for the Highlands said: “There is actually one Scottish myth I absolutely cannot and would not be able to disprove.

“She’s about 40-foot long, publicity-shy and she lives in my constituency, and if anyone here today or any of your families wants to come up to Loch Ness and spend a weekend looking out for her they will be very welcome indeed.

“In short, there is more evidence for the Loch Ness monster than there is for many of the calculations and the claims that have been put forward by the nationalists to support their case for separation.”

What a funny chap he is.

That CBI Scotland statement in full

We’ve really made a right arse of this one We have taken legal advice and we have found that our application to register as campaigning for a No vote should not have been made. Whilst we said recently that the vast majority of our members supported our stance, we now realise that no one had actually asked any of the members  we hadn’t fully appreciated the neutral position required from public bodies amongst our membership.

Actually, some clown in the office took this action and no one knew about it until it was in the papers. A big boy done it and ran away. CBI director-general John Cridland said it had made an “honest mistake” and was now seeking to reverse its decision on the basis it had not been approved by the CBI board and was not signed by an authorised signator.

Christ! if we don’t reverse this there’ll be nobody attending any of our events! He said the registration took place in order to ensure regular Scottish events, including its annual dinner and lunch, complied with regulations during the referendum period.

I mean everyone knows we’re Tories but that is just kind of accepted isn’t it? Mr Cridland said: “The CBI is politically independent and impartial”

“Although the decision to register with the Electoral Commission was taken in good faith, in order to carry out normal activities during the referendum period, it has inadvertently given the impression that the CBI is a political entity – we are not and never will be.”



I see that George Soros, the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992 has been all over the press this week. He’s been promoting his book ‘The Tragedy of the European Union’.

In synopsis:

“There are many nations that go through long periods of stagnation, but they survive.
“Japan has just had 25 years of it and is desperately trying to get out of exactly the situation that Europe is moving into.
“But the European Union is not a nation. It is just an association of sovereign states, a very incomplete association, and it may not survive.
“This euro crisis has converted what was meant to be a voluntary association of equal sovereign states that sacrificed part of their sovereignty for a common benefit into a relationship between debtors and creditors.
“The debtors can’t pay their debts and are dependent on their creditors’ mercy, and that creates a two-class system. It’s not voluntary and it’s not equal.”

He also opines that it would be ‘impossible’ for post independent Scotland to share Sterling and that a new independent currency would provide speculators with ‘a field day’. He foresees an independent state as being up a creek in currency terms and presumably being unable to locate a paddle.

Of course it is just another scare story…….

Isn’t it?

The Man Who Fell to Perth

Oh my! What a stushie David Bowie has caused by saying, via Kate Moss, “And Scotland, stay with us.” at the end of his/her acceptance speech at some mind numbing award ceremony of the type that I, or indeed anyone with an IQ higher than that of a geranium, would never watch.

Good luck to him, he’s expressing a view and I’m sure he’s an intelligent man. The view is probably sincerely held. He hasn’t sermonised about it, he simply made a brief remark.

It’s the people who have resorted to social media venting their spleen about Bowie that I worry about.

Can someone remind me please?

In the light of Jose Manuel Barroso’s recent comments that it would be ‘All but impossible’ for Scotland to join the EU as a new member state, I’m in need of a reminder.

Can someone remind me how impossible it was for East Germany to join both West Germany and the EU? I can’t remember myself but the way that the EU high heid yins are going on it must have taken years……

Ooh Aar Me Hearties!

I see that David Cameron made an impassioned plea yesterday for Scots to vote NO in the referendum on independence.

Britain, he said, is a “brave, brilliant, buccaneering, generous, tolerant, proud” nation.


Yes that is indeed what he said……


He added that if Scotland did vote Yes that the remaining UK would be holding on to all the Doubloons and Pieces of Eight…..

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