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(With apologies to AnElephantCant)

I sat listening to the radio last morn
My reaction was pure disbelief
For interview on the London train
They’d picked four young women from Crieff.

At first they seemed like a fun bunch
Young lassies enjoying the journey
It was only when I heard the stuff they were saying,
I thought that they just maybe wurnae.

“Everybody’s excited!” they shrilled
“The whole country’s just going nuts!
A right jolly day of waving the flag
Will take everyone’s minds off the cuts”

“Describe your hat for me will you?”
And the lassie right then admitted
That the straw boater had Wullie and Kate on the brim
And not only that they were knitted!

It was then that I started to wonder
If Crieff was the home of the fool
Here was a young lass of 20 or so
Wearing Royalty made out of wool!

Her companions seemed equally ‘loosely wrapped’
They were having the time of their lives
But was this just poor consolation
For themselves not becoming Royal wives?

I’m avoiding the whole of the media today
I’m staying away from the grief
But I’ll spare a thought in my isolation
For these curious young women from Crieff.


Ah Mater!

If the rumours are true the UK government will step in tomorrow morning, before financial markets open, to nationalise the Bradford and Bingley Building Society Bank. In 2006 B&B’s share price was 536p. On Friday at one point it was 18p before finishing the day at 20p.

The credit crunch continues, everyone will be affected by increased fuel prices this winter, none more so than those on low incomes, especially those in colder parts of the UK (eg Scotland). People are worried about their homes, jobs and investments.

In other news the Queen has been looking at designs for a new £7 million jet with special corgi adaptation and has requested more money from the government for the upkeep of seven royal palaces (current budget is £15 million per annum). Prince Andrew’s travel costs last year were £800,000 and the Prince and Princess of Wales chartered a yacht for a Mediterranean cruise at a cost of nearly £250,000.

Having read this post you may wish to click here to invest in your own little piece of the aviation industry.