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There are other deck chairs available….

Toronto Tam sends a link to this video which is a home movie of a 1964 sail on the Queen Mary II.

The steamer was originally known as the Queen Mary but when the Cunard Liner was named in the 1930s the wee Clyde Steamer had to have her name modified.

Some great old film here of Glasgow, Dumbarton and Rothesay amongst other places.

As an indication of just how old the film is, there’s footage of a train stopping at Bowling!


More from Bute

As I said in my previous post, Rothesay can be bizarre and have a charm all of its own:

Spotted on a charity shop door.


Yes I made my annual pilgrimage to the capital of the beautiful Isle of Bute yesterday.

As well as being beautiful it is quite bizarre. I mean, here is one of the main tourist attractions:

And whilst I appreciate the dubious nature of a middle aged man taking photos in a gents’ toilet, what about these?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The toilets were renovated a few years ago and are quite the most impressive surroundings in which to relieve one’s self in all the land!

Scottish Railway Posters (8)

I will be spending today mostly here at my annual pilgrimage

Doon the Watter

Part one of a film from 1959 via Bill Heaney and John McLeod.

Rothesay, Isle of Bute

Along with about sixty other middle aged social inadequate drunkards respectable small business people and managerial types, I went on an annual pilgrimage to the beautiful Island of Bute’s main centre of population, Rothesay, yesterday. This yearly trip of the Dumbarton ‘Sma Corks’ has taken place every year since 1894 initially to Fort William on the West Highland Railway but at least since WW2 to Rothesay.

Rothesay until the 1960’s was a main holiday destination for the Glasgow working class. They would board a ‘steamer’ at either Glasgow or catch a train to Craigendoran and transfer to the boat there. The steamers ran to destinations like Rothesay, Millport, Dunoon, and Brodick on the Isle of Arran amongst others. These days any tourist trade in Rothesay is normally limited to day trippers or those seeking a short break and the transport is by the much more prosaic ferries. These are miles ahead of the (now defunct bar one) old steamers in comfort and speed but somehow lacking a little bit in character. I actually forgot to take the camera yesterday but I did have the phone and captured a few snaps.

The Promenade

Bedding, Curtains AND Mobile Phone Chargers!

Time for a new window display at the barbers?

The VR post box

All mod cons!

Despite the dull weather we managed to stay dry.

Despite the dull weather we managed to stay dry.

The format of the day is the same every year and revolves around consumption of drink sporting endeavour in the form of 9 holes of putting, a variation on dominoes called ‘Blind Hughie’ and a bowls tournament. Let’s just say I’m never involved in the prizes!

Arrived home last night about nine and slept soundly for about nine hours. That putting fairly takes it out of you!

Dumbarton Sma’ Corks Association




Tomorrow I shall take the pilgrimage to Rothesay on the beautiful Isle of Bute for the annual piss up contest of sporting endeavour and camaraderie amongst the small business community of Dumbarton. The Association was formed in 1894 and has had an outing every year since then (excluding war years).

Qualification as a member is that you should be self employed or a 'boss' in a company in the town. OR you should have a business and a connection with the town.

The itinery tomorrow includes

Pick up from Dumbarton Central Railway Station by coach

Ferry from Wemyss Bay to Rothesay

Lunch at the Bistro Rothesay Pier

Putting Competition

'Blind Hughie' (Domino competition held at the Argyll Arms)

Bowls Contest (also known in Dumbarton as 'Masonic Jiggies')

High Tea at The Bistro

Ferry from Rothesay to Wemyss Bay

Return to Dumbarton


There are only two regulations

1) No drink to be taken until the coach leaves Dumbarton.

2) Keep the Heid!!!!


Don't expect any further postings until at least Friday afternoon!



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