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The Stones in the Park

I mentioned recently about the new book from Richard Havers.  Richard has been in touch with the following info.

Glad to give him a free plug.

40th Anniversary Story of the thirty-three days in the summer of ‘69 during which The Rolling Stones changed forever.

Book signing at Latimer Books in Kelso

Saturday 4th July 11 am ’til 1pm

5 Mill Wynd

01573 225776

The Stones in the Park tells this amazing story as well as featuring many unseen photographs

For the Rolling Stones everything changed in the summer of ’69. They were no longer the blues band that Brian Jones had put together in 1962, they had stopped being a pop band and had hardly performed on stage since 1967 – and it was live that the Stones always excelled. This is the story of the thirty-three days in the summer of ‘69 during which The Rolling Stones changed forever. Drug busts, fall-outs, at least one album that failed to live up to expectations and uncertainty surrounded the band, they had flirted with psychedelia but were on the cusp of becoming the ‘Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World.

It tells how, on Sunday 8 June 1969 Brian Jones left the band he had founded, and less than a month later he tragically died just days before the band played a free concert in London’s Hyde Park for somewhere close to 500,000 people. Unfortunately, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards both missed their old band mate’s funeral, Mick was in Australia filming Ned Kelly (his performance recorded in numerous unseen photographs).

Undaunted, the Stones, who have always been greater than the sum of their parts, recruited Mick Taylor to play guitar in place of Brian, recorded one of their greatest ever singles and played the largest ever concert in Britain to that point, and Mick Jagger, like many pop singers before him, went off to be a film star.  They also became – The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World and since then the Rolling Stones have gone on to be watched in concert by more people than any other band. They have come to epitomise everything that is excessive, exciting, powerful, lavish and brilliant about rock music. They are dynastic, imperial and majestic… true Rock Royalty.

“The greatest rock and roll band in the world. They’re incredible; let’s hear it for the Stones!” – Sam Cutler introducing the band on Saturday 5 July 1969 – the first time they were given the accolade

Richard Havers other books include Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey, which won the Blues Foundation’s Award For Literature in 2002, Bill Wyman are Rolling with the Stones and The Stones – A History in Cartoons; all co-written with Bill Wyman. He’s also written Sinatra, an illustrated biography of Frank Sinatra; co-authored My Take with Gary Barlow, Bowie, Bolan & The Brooklyn Boy, Tony Visconti’s autobiography, Blues – The Golden Era, and The Woodstock Chronicles.


The Stones in the Park

The Stones JK copy

It’s the title of the new book by BLFP correspondent and good egg, Richard Havers.

The book is about the traumatic time in the Stones history surrounding their appearance at Hyde Park in 1969 which saw them elevated to the status of “The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World”. Richard is a friend and associate of Bill Wyman so will have had plenty of first hand research material.

I smiled at this excerpt

“I hope they don’t think we’re a rock ‘n’ roll outfit.”

The words of Michael Philip Jagger in July 1962 when the only thing he and the rest of the fledgling Rolling Stones wanted to be was a blues band. Seven years later, almost to the day, Sam Cutler who worked for Blackhill Enterprises, the company that arranged the free concerts in Hyde Park, went on stage to announce the band to the hundreds of thousands gathered in the royal park.

“The greatest rock and roll band in the world. They’re incredible; let’s hear it for the Stones!”

The book is available from Amazon here

Ian Rankin – Havering On

Mrs Bigrab just bought the new Ian Rankin “A Cool Head”

The preface reads:

“To Richard Havers who took me to the Beach Boys Concert where I got the idea for this story They were singing a song about always keeping a cool head and a warm heart. I started to wonder about the opposite – a hot head and a heart as cold as stone”

Yes Richard Havers of Havering On, and a correspondent from time to time on this blog.

The Weird, the Wacky,the Wonderful World of Pop and Rock

scotland-richard-and-christineThe Ben Lomond Free Press has a few celebrity commenters. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Stu Who? and Tom Morton and of course there’s Olympian Kenny Cairns. Mercy me! I forgot Richard Havers! Richard(pictured left with his wife Christine) has been keeping a low profile due to a heavy schedule but he popped (sic) up this week on Radio Scotland’s Radio Cafe discussing his new book, the snappy title of which is above. As well as being an author, Richard has been a music and TV producer (toured with the Beach Boys), an airline pilot and also I believe recorded radio advertising jingles!.

He co-wrote and produced Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey and also (shshsh!) wrote a book with Mike Read.

Anyhoo, as I say Richard was on the wireless on Tuesday and the programme was featured on the Sunday Cafe. Thanks to my pal Smiler for the heads up on this. If you click here then click listen, Richard’s bit is near the end (35 minutes in.)

The book is available through your local bookseller, or from Amazon here

How the Internet Works

Something rather amazing may have happened (I say may because I await info from Richard Havers to see if he has confirmed a post on his blog as genuine). Yesterday Richard, who amongst other things has been tour producer for The Beach Boys and Paul McCartney, and also co-produced the T.V. show and book A Blues Odyssey with Bill Wyman, posted a comment on my posting about the Babys and their record Isn’t it Time? The comment referred to a quote by Frank Zappa which inspired me to do the piece below quoting Frank and showing the Youtube video. Richard picked up on this and today on his blog posted an article about how Czech President Vaclav Havel appointed Frank to the position of Czech Trade Tourism and Culture Representative in 1991 (the article is HERE ) . Someone picked up on the article and has suggested to Richard that he may not have done his research thoroughly enough. That post apparently came from Gail Zappa, wife of Frank. Blimey!

This all started last week when Richard kindly posted a link to this blog from his.

Footnote: Richard has just confirmed that the message DID come from the Frank Zappa Company H.Q and therefore from Gail Zappa