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Mist Again

A wonderful Google image of Europe with hardly a cloud in any sky.

On closer inspection however, it seems it’s a foggy day in Peterheid!

Via Ken Fitlike


Dumbarton 5 Peterhead 2

A great advert for summer football at the Rock yesterday. Only problem with better weather is that the lawnmowers, fence paint, golf clubs and bools come out and attendance drops.

Sons were well worthy of the win, if perhaps the score flattered them slightly.

My correspondent and Bluetoon pal Ken Fitlike made the journey despite Peterhead’s current plight and also the fact that his beloved Dons were at home.

We had a pretty good pre-match lunch and enjoyed the game and the banter even if it must have been a very long journey home for Ken on the Peterhead team bus.

Good result for the Sons who at least cannot now finish bottom.

For the match report click here.

Funny Old Game

A few weeks ago the Sons, aka Dumbarton FC , were at the bottom of SFL division 2 and looking forlorn.

However today’s 2-1 victory at Peterhead means that that they have won their last four away games and now the league looks like this:

It’s quite a turnaround, and surely strengthens Alan Adamson’s claim for a permanent appointment to the job

Scottish Railway Posters

First in a series.

Starting with this for my regular contributors  Ken Fitlike (don’t know if he’s on or off shore at the moment) and Sneddy

Edited to add this picture, taken on the very spot by Mr Fitlike himself this very morn!

Sons 1 Peterhead 3

It was good to meet up with my blogfriend and Aberdeen/Peterhead supporter Ken Fitlike and my friend Stevie who normally samples his fitba’ at a somewhat higher level, for pre match lunch.

No complaints from me about the result. The key to it is very simple. The game was played in a gale and Peterhead adapted to, and capitalised on the conditions.

Dumbarton didn’t.

After playing for 45 minutes with the wind behind them it took the Sons until the second half to score via Scott Chaplain.

However Bobby Wilson soon put the blue toon level with a great shot to convert Danny Moore’s corner.

One shot the Sons did keep out.

One shot the Sons did keep out

Then Martin Bavidge sent what initially looked like a speculative cross over from the right, the wind caught the ball and it ended up in the net. One of the flukiest most spawny goals you’re ever likely to see, even Bavidge was amazed
Obviously he took cognisance of the prevailing wind and sent a precision lob into his chosen corner.

It was game over from then. Sons ran bravely into the wind but Bobby Mann (a guy who could do with a copy of my diet sheet!) found the ball at his feet about forty yards out and lobbed the Sons keeper Vojacek who could only watch the ball fly netwards.

"Fully 65 yards it was"

I think Sons can pretty much forget the play offs at the top of the table. The Blue Toon however looked pretty useful and are still very much in the mix.

Sons 1 Peterhead 0

It was the Steven Nicholls show in front of a diehard only audience at the Rock last night.

Who he?

Mr Nicholls in his favourite pose.

He was the ref who was publicly criticised by Aberdeen FC for ordering off two Aberdeen players and booking a total of eight other players in the game against Hibernian in November.

Last night I lost count of the cards he waved about but it was at least seven. One arose from a Sons player complaining about the ref bringing back a promising attack so that a Peterhead player, not interfering with play in any way could be treated.

As if a twenty second delay in treatment would have mattered.

The resultant bounce up predictably saw the ball lobbed back to the Sons keeper.

One minute later he awarded the penalty which won the game which presumably was for a push/hold on Roddy Hunter by Stuart Smith.

I suppose it’s panto season but was it a penalty?

Oh no it wasn’t!

Obviously it was folly for players on both sides to be arguing with the ref when they knew what a pedantic prat he was but really the man in the middle reduced the entertainment value to zero.

Mind you he had a lot of help from the teams, the football was dire too.

It didn’t have to be reduced very far.

Great Goal

The Sons fans haven’t had much to cheer about this season so I think we’re entitled to a little bask in the glory before this week’s rather tricky visit of top team Stirling Albion. The Evening Times has a feature on the fine goal scored in the 90th minute by Derek Carcary which won Saturday’s match.

You can see the goal by going to Sons TV and clicking on the Peterhead highlights