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More Pareidolia




I wrote about pareidolia here a couple of years back.

It’s the phenomenon of seeing faces, figures or forms in random objects and it is something I’ve been reminded of in two news stories tonight.

For example does this tea kettle remind you of someone?


And then there’s the altogether more dramatic revelation about a possible rodent on Mars

Is There a Heavenly Presence Here?

I wrote about Pareidolia and Apophenia a while back.

I’m intrigued because my correspondent Kevin left the following comment on my posting about the Bin Laden seashell being auctioned on Ebay:

I’ve searched the photo on the header which is what Kevin refers to, and whilst I think I can see a sleeping lion cub on the slopes of the Ben, nae Jesus I’m afraid.

If any readers can spot the Lord on the Loch or His Holiness in the Hills, can you let me know please?

Or Kevin, maybe you can be more specific?