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Sabre Rattlin’?

The BBC has a kind of cut out and keep analysis of the developing crisis in the Korean peninsula. I notice that there are several bets being hedged as to the seriousness of the North Koreans’ intentions.

They helpfully publish this diagram of the DPRK’s nuclear reach:


Meanwhile in North Korea, the DPRK news website is going into overdrive with threats and bluster against the west but in particular South Korea and the USA. Here they quote “The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK)”


And that’s only about half the article!

Elsewhere though, the DPRK media was celebrating International Womens Day:



“I give you a toast – “Women and America!”


I wandered lonely as a (mushroom) cloud

Some snappy titles here……

FireShot Screen Capture #080 - 'News From KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of DPRK' - www_kcna_co_jp_index-e_htm

And speaking of oxymorons

Here is some Korean News :

Catfish Jowl? Yum!

LIfe can be hard but it has its little pleasures and compensations. For instance in North Korea there may be a hard line communist totalitarian regime but if you are fed up with eating grass to stay alive there’s always catfish jowl in aspic.

Click on the image for a clearer view:

Chinese whispers

Associated Press reports this morning that China is emphasising its good relations with North Korea.

AP reports that:

The Foreign Ministry said State Councilor Dai Bingguo met a North Korean group led by Kim Yong Il , secretary of the central committee of the ruling Workers’ Party and alternate member of the Political Bureau.

Dai (surely he had a Welsh granny? -ed) says that he was confident that under Kim Jong Un, North Korea will continue to move toward building a prosperous country.

Nothing particularly remarkable I suppose. However I decided to nip over to the North Korean News Agency to get their take on the visit. They haven’t quite caught up yet so something may appear tomorrow. In the meantime though the agency updates us with some fraternal and neighbourly musings on their partners to the south:

Perhaps a wee look at a map of the area crystallises the international issues here:

Beijing and Pyongyang are 500 miles apart.

However, elsewhere on the DPRK site they show their more tender side by reporting on Malaysian moothie king, Lang Blaw Sook:

News from DPRK – A proper gander

Yes indeed with North Korea much in the news recently I thought I’d take a look at their own take on what happened with what the western lackey media called a “nuclear missile test”.

One is relieved to find that it wasn’t a missile at all but a satellite as the super, soaraway DPRK news site reports:

One imagines that appropriate disciplinary action will be administered to whoever is found to blame for this unfortunate episode. This will be something along the lines of castration with a blunt Stanley knife.

However it is good to hear that Kim Jong Un has been elected as first secretary of the Workers Party of Korea. That must have been a tough call for the electorate (aka Kim Jong Un). I’m sure we can look forward to some interesting exchanges with the leader of the opposition……….

And in a week which saw firework displays and other events celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, it was good to see that the North Koreans hadn’t forgotten him or Kim Jong Il:

And although only a few lines could be found to explain away the missile satellite incident, several pages have been dedicated to floral baskets. They feature regularly and it would seem to answer the question “Just what do you buy an Asian dictator?”


Dave take note!

I took my regular trip to the North Korean News Agency to see if they were covering Obama’s visit to South Korea.

Whilst I couldn’t see anything about that, there was the following story.

I was nearly in tears I can tell you: