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Yes it’s my new award for political speeches found to contain unacceptable levels of IKEA chocolate cake ingredients.

And this weeks award goes to……..(drum roll…..)


If you go here and scroll to 8:51 am you’ll see his chokolad laden words.

Yes Nick Clegg is the worthy winner of the first TÅRTA MÖRK CHOKLAD award, sponsored by IKEA.

It takes one to know one!

I see that Nick Clegg has accused Labour of ‘hypocrisy and dishonesty’ over their voting with the Tory rebels the other night.


Mind you it is maybe pipped as quote of the day by this brammer from David Miliband.

“I think there has been a real problem for pro-Europeans like me. We have seemed like we always wanted more spending, we seemed like we were soft-headed about more spending (indeed you did – Ed – as in Editor not your nemesis).

“What you have got is a repositioning in the Labour Party – not to go from being pro-Europe to anti-Europe but to take on this idea that to be pro-European you are always for more spending.

“We are not always for more spending. We are for a more effective European Union.”

Sorry seems to be the hardest word…..

Guaranteed number 1 surely.

Keeping up a fine tradition of Libdem dudes!

Mystic Clegg

Without a Clegg to stand on.

I see that Nick Clegg is urging Rupert Murdoch to. “Do the decent and sensible thing” over his bid for control of BSkyB.

Meanwhile Jeremy Hunt continues to have the most accurate and amusing rhyming slang name in politics.

Nick Clegg – The Musical

Once Upon a Time

Originally posted 11th May 2010

Once upon a time:

There were two parties.

The Liberal Party

and the

The SDP were formed by four disgruntled members of the Labour Party.

“Come and join us in a spirit of cooperation!” said the Liberal Party. And they did. They called themselves the

or if you prefer, the

The Liberal Party though were really much bigger than the SDP and soon the two parties merged.

They became for a while the Social and Liberal Democrats, which was soon shortened to

In the end therefore it wasn’t really a merger at all. It was a takeover and after a while everyone forgot about the SDP.

Some years later the Conservative party said to the Liberal Democrats “Come and join us in a spirit of cooperation!”

Lights out Nick, you’ve had a busy day. Night night.