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And on the Subject of Bolivia

e-fit of suspect

This e- fit of a murder suspect in Bolivia has wrongly been derided as the worst ever issued. These accusations are wrong of course. Certainly anyone who saw this e-fit issued by Portuguese police during the investigation of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann would disagree

The remarkable thing about the Bolivian picture is that it has led to an arrest of a man in connection with the crime. TBLFP is proud to give you a world exclusive of the picture of the suspect in custody.


From Tragedy To Farce




It really is hard to know what to think about the continuing saga of the disappearance of poor little Madeleine McCann. However it is also hard to see who, if anyone, comes out of the investigation which has followed with any credit. The picture on the left was quite seriously shown (as a sketch of the suspect) around the holiday resort where Madeleine disappeared from by the police in the early days of the enquiry.







Now almost six months (that's right six months) since the disappearance, one of the McCanns' friends with the aid of an FBI trained artist has come up with this picture of a man she says she saw carrying a child away. Presumably the man (it is a man isn't it?) has a mouth, nose and eyes but they're not pictured. He was apparently wearing Chinos and a purple top which may have been burgundy. It could be Michael Jackson. It could be the newsagent who served me this morning (or indeed his son).

What on earth is an experienced media man like Clarence Mitchell doing lending creedence to this picture which can surely do nothing at this stage to assist the enquiry?


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The McCann Case Continues (2)

I referred to the tragic story of Madeleine McCann last month when rumours of her parents’ possible involvement in the wee girl’s disappearance began to surface. Never can so much have been written in the media about one missing child and the speculation on what happened to her. The majority of the headlines and articles are just that – pure speculation. Much of the information is contradictory – even contained within the same issue of certain newspapers. It is refreshing to read articles which are well written in such cases. Articles which are well thought out and at least partly backed up by fact.

 I will refrain completely from offering any opinion or comment (there are plenty other places on the internet doing that).However these two contrasting articles, one by Boris Johnson and the other by George Galloway (both featured in another thread a couple of days ago) are well worth the read.


Click Here  to read George Galloway’s Daily Record article from Monday.


Click Here to read Boris Johnson’s Daily Telegraph article today.

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The McCann Story Continues.

The reporting of the case of missing Madeleine McCann gets more curious by the day. There is of course the ray of hope provided by a witness in Holland who maintains "100% certainty" that she saw Madeleine there last week with a Dutch speaking man and an English speaking woman. The DNA test result on the cup the child in question was using is expected soon and fingers crossed that this is a genuine lead which could result in the safe return of Madeleine to her family.

However on the news last night and in recent newspaper articles on the story, what are we to make of the following?

"Murat expects the latest investigation to clear his name. The only other person under police surveillance, a man in his 30's, is not beleived to be connected to any abduction or kidnappping" – various newspapers (paraphrased).

"The hire car used by the McCanns has once again been examined by police" BBC News last night*

"The enquiry is increasingly centering on the family and their missing daughter" BBC News last night*

"Traces of blood from the appartment have been sent for analysis" BBC News last night*

* Of course these quotes are selective and not within the context of the whole coverage but……


 On searching further I found this translation from a Portuguese newspaper (Sol) from 3 days ago

"The 180 degree u-turn that the inquiry of the PJ of Portimao seems to have taken in the last few days forced the solicitor-general of the Republic to postpone an interview requested by the British channel BBC, which Sol can reveal would centre on the amount of time passed since the disappearance of Maddie while the authorities continue to have no serious leads.

Although officials of the PGR have justified the postponement with "scheduling problems”, the movements of the PJ and some British police detectives over the last few days with two dogs at Praia da Luz seems to point to the investigation now centering on the McCann family and their group of friends."







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