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Mad World

Whether in a democracy or a dictatorship, most governments/presidents/dictators will do what they can get away with to further their aims, their whims even.

This is a universal truth no matter the political ideology or principle under which that government operates .

It is interesting to recall the example of the small and remote community of Tristan da Cunha which I wrote about recently as the exception which proves the rule.

I can think of no government who has acted consistently with altruism – even the ones brought to power by altruism.

Just as Gaddafi funded the IRA, paid agents millions at a time to indiscriminately kill Americans and ordered the deaths of 1200 of his political opponents in Abu Salim prison, so Bush and Blair bombed Iraq into the middle ages and in the process killed 100,000 innocent civilians on the basis of completely bogus intelligence. These are just snapshots of what these three characters got up to. It would take all day to list it all.

What has struck me in the events of recent days is the hypocrisy we tolerate. Lets imagine that some of the anti-capitalist protesters in London got a hold of Tony Blair or David Cameron and kicked,stabbed and shot one of them to a bloody death pursued by a baying mob. How would that play out in the media?

How did the rioting in London play out in the media?

And yet Gaddafi’s very public summary execution by a baying mob and public display of his body in a meat store freezer, is accepted with a shrug of the shoulders and with cheer leading from much of the fourth estate.

Having seen the videos and photos, and no matter the atrocities that Gaddafi was responsible for, I found the whole thing sickening in the extreme.

This is supposed to be a new Libya. This is supposed to be the kind of barbarism that Gaddafi and co were responsible for, being supplanted by the good guys. This is what NATO supported and encouraged.

I seriously hope I’m wrong and a better Libya is coming soon.

However there is a severe danger of tribal warfare.

Power vacuums are dangerous things and the two most recent ones which spring to mind here are post Tito Yugoslavia and post Siad Barre Somalia.

Of course NATO will have thought about all this and will have plans to deal with the shitstorm ensuing from the toppling of Gaddafi.

Won’t they?


Situations Vacant – Tyrant Wanted

Simon Tisdall writes in the Guardian

“Gaddafi leaves behind a country with no proven governmental institutions or political parties, little or no independent civil service and civil society, no tradition of civil rights, free speech or free media, a one-track economy almost wholly dependent on oil export revenues and a system of national administration based on the fickle favour of the “Brother Leader”, family ties, patronage and corruption.”

“Its army broken, its borders defiled, its sovereignty outraged, Libya’s future direction is, as of this moment, more a matter of fond hope than settled policy. Democracy in Libya is an idea. It has as yet no roots and no substantive presence. Islamism, of various shades, and tribalism are, on the other hand, vibrant forces that may now feed on the power vacuum.”

A very succinct view of where Libya is now I’d suggest. Pretty much what this blog has been saying all along. At least now any pretence by Messrs Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy about what the engame was can be quietly forgotten.

The real battle for Libya can now begin.

Telling it like it is…

Libya’s transitional prime minister, Mahmoud Jibril, called for national reconciliation and unity, saying they may be “more difficult” to achieve than the fight that toppled Muammar Qaddafi’s regime.

“There are two battles,” Jibril said after arriving in Tripoli two and a half weeks after opposition fighters entered the capital. Achieving unity will be “our biggest challenge,” he said.

Well…..no shit Sherlock.


For the cynical amongst you….

From today’s Private Eye.


Can’t be long now……

……..before they catch Gaddafi.

He has a large bounty on his head.



The Endgame?

It looks like times finally up for the Gaddafi regime in Libya.

I’m sure that NATO will be quite upset as this is surely an unintended side effect of their killing protecting civilians.

We can only hope that the endgame is a stable and democratic future for Libya and that the ‘rebels’ are a unified force prepared to abide by international law.

We’ll see….