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Left or right?

The internet is a weird and wonderful place. Its labyrinthine corridors can lead you to places you don’t plan or expect to go. The other night whilst watching the Panorama documentary about the DPRK, I was intrigued by the notion put forward that the regime there was not a left wing one at all but rather a right wing autocracy.


The Nuremberg type military parades, the goose-stepping and the Hitler Youth like Korean Children’s Union may only be motif like in their similarity, they are striking motifs nonetheless.

And although there are several other translations of Juche, the political ideology of North Korea, the one that says ‘self reliance’ stands out.

But what about the state run economy?

Another myth it would seem as more than 50% of the DPRK income is now derived from tolerated private enterprise.

So there I was exploring the notions of political left and right when I stumbled upon the quotes from former British PM David Lloyd George in the posting below, who was fulsome in his praise of Hitler and Nazi Germany in 1936.

And yet sixteen years prior to Lloyd George authoring his Daily Express article, another author wrote the following about him:

I dedicate this pamphlet to the Right Honourable Mr . Lloyd
George as a token of my gratitude for his speech of March 18,
1920, which was almost Marxist and, in any case, exceedingly
useful for Communists and Bolsheviks throughout the world .
AUTHOR April 27, 1920

The author in question was Vladimir Iilych Lenin.

If further irony were needed, check out the title of the publication:


And by the further wonders of the internet, you can download and read it here

Back to that Panorama documentary once again.

If you go to nineteen minutes you’ll see John Sweeney lauding South Korea by comparison to its northern neighbour. To me that portrayal just presents a differing picture of hell rather than some alternative to the rigours of life in the north.

The internet.

The world indeed.

A weird and wonderful place.


North of Grief

It will put a different complexion on the whole day if you read the December 19th page at the North Korean News Agency

Firstly there’s this:

and then…..

The funeral committee looks an interesting mix. Surely some names here that readers will recognise:

Then there’s a message to service personnel which can be summarised as “Keep in line or you’re dead ya bastards!” a reminder of what deep affection the military held him in. (Click on image to enlarge)

And finally it is almost impossible to hold back the tears when one reads this:


Fear not readers. Our regular visits to the unbiased and objective editorial of the DPRK  News Agency will continue under Kim Jong Un. And as soon as the Daily Mail lets us know the effect on house prices that KIm Jong’s passing has had we’ll let you know that too.