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Some readers have mentioned to me that they have missed the pictures of Loch Lomond.

I took these in July on Inchconnachan aka ‘Wallaby Island’




A walk in the forest

I was out on Loch Lomond in my wee boat the other day with Brian who took this photo of Yours Truly on the island of Inchconnachan

He has also written a poetic account of our travels here

How was your view at lunch yesterday?

This was mine:

The family and I dined al fresco on the shore at Inchconnachan.

That’s the island inhabited by wallabies.

The wee boat is the one I bought a couple of weeks ago. It’s about thirty years old and I paid just over a grand for it and the trailer. There is a prep area at Balloch slipway where folks get their boats ready for the loch or the road. It is fair to say that in the collection of cabin cruisers speedboats and jet skis, my wee boat is pretty ‘umble. I’m not bothered at all, it’s absolutely fine for me.

However one does wonder where guys apparently in their 20s/30s get the dough for a £45k car and £35k boat (that costs several hundred to fill at the pumps)

I have my theories.

It was ‘hoaching’ when I got back to Balloch having dropped the missus and kids at Luss where they’d left the car. It took over an hour just to get into the slipway and get the boat back on the trailer.

The canoe might make a return next week.

Catching up

Cracking morning out on the loch yesterday. I didn’t take the camera looked a bit grey and overcast. However by the time I got there, there were some pretty spectacular skies (which I can’t show you because I didn’t take the camera)

Anyway it was great to touch base with my old friend James who thoroughly enjoyed his first trip on his new canoe. For those who know the loch we took he classic route via the Geggles and Narrows – a nice wee paddle of eight miles or so. Disappointed not to see any wallabies or ospreys but we did get a glimpse of some fallow deer on Inchconnachan.

Amazing how you can pick up the threads with old friends with no effort required. I’m sure it’s not the case in all friendship and acquaintances but it was with this one.

Back on dry land and having a cuppa at Luss, I noticed some customised cars. I only had the wee crappy phone camera on my Nokia but this was the colourful scene.

Carry On Camping? Or Not?

This article appeared on the BBC this week about a possible wild camping ban on Loch Lomond.

I wrote here nearly two years ago about the need for something to be done.

I was on Inchconnachan yesterday and the combination of uprooted trees and debris from the recent storms along with the evidence from visitors of campfires and litter made for a sorry sight indeed.

Four of the most accessible islands, Inchtavanach, Inchconnachan, Inchmoan and Inchcruin are sites of special scientific interest and are the ones for which the wild camping ban is proposed.

However I don’t see how this would work. Several other islands in the vicinity and not that much more inaccessible, would surely then inherit the problems. Inchlonaig can be reached just as easily and already has a significant litter problem.

Yesterday on Inchconnachan, I took these photos:

This is the ruin of the house on Inchconnachan, which I wrote about here

Of course the majority of visitors aren’t destructive. Someone has obviously taken great time and care over this mural on the living room wall of the old house.

I have a memory of sailing to the mouth of the narrows (the stretch of water between Inchtavanach and Inchconnachan) on the Maid of the Loch when I was a youngster. The image in my mind is so old it is almost black and white but I can remember seeing the old house and boat shelter when they were still in use.

Whilst it is extremely doubtful that either the Maid or the house will ever be restored to their former glories, Those in charge of the islands have a duty to preserve them in the best way possible to be enjoyed by this and future generations.

Elephants Cant Paddle

Brian wrote this wee ditty about our canoe adventures on Sunday. I don’t know how this will turn out because it is a single screen grab.


View from Canoe

As we have battled pretty crepe weather here in West Central Scotland in recent weeks, and as my back has been giving me grief, opportunities for canoeing have been few and far between.

This morning though, having secured a day’s respite from despicable commerce and trade, I took to the water. I was paddling by 7:00 when most BLFP readers were presumably still tucked up.

It was cold.

It was pretty grey.

It was wonderful.

Peace, perfect peace.

I paddled round the island of Inchconnachan.

I got these photos:

The lonesome pine at Inchconnachan

Buccinch and Conic Hill in black and white. There is virtually no difference from the colour shot!

Battered by years of weather and waves. Not me! These rocks where I stopped for a cuppa!

Comment on the loch about my internet connection!

We were going to have a wake but.....

The death theme continues....Who was Netta I wonder?