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Quote of the Day

“Any vote to separate an area from a member state then has the consequence of that area leaving the EU”

Herman Van Rompuy yesterday in a joint press conference with the Spanish Prime Minister who declared the proposed Catalonian Referendum unconstitutional


The Blame Game

The European Union.

An idea to bring Europe’s nation states together in a mission of common purpose. To have the same laws and regulations despite huge differences in climate, culture, and political legacy. To have fiscal, monetary and eventually political union.

How’s that going?

Herman’s Havers

As if any proof were needed on the EU attitude on the Scottish independence issue, here’s Herman Van Rompuy telling Scots how it is.

Just in case anyone in any doubt regarding M. Van Rompuy’s knowledge of Scotland, he cannae even say Edinburgh.

What an odious wee bastard.


Lost in Space

Waste of Space








The EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty took eight years to draw up and has never been properly ratified. It is a source of bitterness, rancour and resentment.

M. Van Rompuy thinks that he can bugger about with it for a couple of days and voilà! the Euro is saved!

The last days of Empire?

I quote from the Irish Times who report on Herman Van Rompuy’s attempts to save the Euro at all costs even if it fucks up a whole continent for a generation
find a way forward in the debt crisis facing the Eurozone.

“The operation of the Excessive Deficit Procedure is set out in article 126 of the Treaty of the Functioning of the EU, which gives effect to the measures set out in the Lisbon Treaty. The article runs to 14 paragraphs but some of the most crucial provisions governing the procedure are contained in a protocol annexed to the treaty.

The relevant texts of paragraph 14 of article 126 and protocol 12, article 3, would appear to offer a possible route to treaty change without a referendum.”

Aha! good old article 126 paragraph 14 protocol 12 article 3!

M. Van Rompuy also thinks that the European Stability Mechanism, as the permanent successor to the existing European Financial Stability Facility will be known, should be adjusted so that it can recapitalize banks directly—instead of lending only to governments (which they may then onlend to banks.)

For Fox’s SAKE!

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity springs to mind here:

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Or if you prefer former UK chancellor Denis Healy, who knew a thing or two about debt:

“Let me tell you about holes. When you’re in one, stop digging”

Of course our old friends Standard and Poor’s have pitched up to point out that the plan to save the Euro has hee-haw chance of success
warn that ALL the Eurozone countries risk their credit ratings being downgraded.

Surely the wisest thing would be to allow the debt ridden countries to default and return to their own currencies in the meantime. Then the financially stable countries could formulate a plan to restructure the Eurozone (perhaps drawing up criteria for future fiscal union) and the EU itself – not under duress but in the clear light of day with cool heads.

It’s clearly not going to happen.

Instead it’s insanity, spades and shovels.

Summit Wrong!

Quite apart from Franmany deciding important issues on their own, the problem highlighted by Greece’s plight is a very simple one indeed.

Monetary Union is all very well but without fiscal union there can’t really be a proper single market. In the USA there is a federal budget to ensure some distribution of funds from richer states to poorer ones. This can’t happen in the EU….yet. The lack of fiscal union was a condition of many countries signing up to monetary union. Just like so many other Euro conditions, expect this to be discarded sometime soon.

In Germany (a part of Franmany) the retirement age is 67. In Greece a bail out would help prevent the retiral age being raised from 61 to 63.

United in Diversity my arse.

Edit And as if to prove that The EU’s definition of “agreement” is rather different to the norm, check out this from The Guardian

Summit Wrong?

Using your skill and judgement, tell me what is wrong with this picture and words (lifted from paddypowertrader)

It’s about the European Union (motto: Divided in Adversity United in Diversity)

Germany and France have agreed a deal to “safeguard financial stability” for Greece and the wider eurozone following crisis talks at a European Union summit.

Political agreement on general principles was thrashed out during tense negotiations between Germany, France, Greece and the European Central Bank on Thursday morning. “There is an agreement on the Greek situation.

We will communicate now the agreement to the other leaders,” Mr Van Rompuy said.