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And also

Another photo of Greenock etc. taken yesterday at the Ben Bouie ridge:


Stormy Weather

Thank goodness it has all died down now but yesterday Scotland was basking in winds of over 100mph.

This was the scene not far from where I live. A tree had fallen and blocked the road.

This was the scene on Helensburgh seafront’s East Bay yesterday morning.

The driver of this van had reason to be thankful of the strong barrier on the Kingston Bridge.

The roof of this house in Glasgow blew off.

Photos via Daily Record and BBC Scotland


On the news that a Turkish barbers is to open in Helensburgh:

Turkish Barbers

AnElephantCant pretend that we are au fait
With the practices of old Istanbul
Now you may be right
We are not too bright
But please don’t think we are anyone’s fool

In our home town of Helton-upon-Sea
There is a new barber shop in the offing
We hope that this Turk
Doesn’t smoke when he works
So his hand will not shake with the coughing

We hear Turkish barbers clean by burning
All the hairs in your facial orifices
We are not afraid
But it has to be said
The idea brings large lumps to our oesophaguses

You know AnElephant has rather large flappers
Like wee Noddy’s old buddy Big Ears
The thought of some mug
With a match near our lug
Somehow darkens our darkest dark fears

And if he comes near our proboscis
We would surely be in a blue funk
We’re not scared to lose
Maybe one or two toes
But we’re sunk if we damage our trunk

So we will take double care with our good bits
And if this new barber decides
That we look a mess
We will say oh yes
Please give us a short back and sides

Secret Scotland

It’s as if I need another excuse to waste precious time conduct more educational research on the internet.

Toronto Tam sends me a link to a brilliant site called Secret Wiki Scotland which contains fantastically interesting details about some of Scotland’s hidden corners.

For example a quick look through the contents for stuff local to the BLFP finds information on the location of a World War 2 searchlight in Helensburgh. Particularly interesting to me because I understand that later my grandfather had a scrapyard and depot near to the location. I have been told that some of the local worthies at the time referred to the yard as being in “Handover Street”

The seafront at Hanover Street Helensburgh

Then there’s a piece on the Loch Lomond Radium Works (I kid you not!)

There are links provided to the Royal Commission For Ancient Monuments site which gives info on the Dumbuck Aviation Fuel Store and the Denny Tank in Dumbarton

The photos there include a wartime ariel shot of Dumbarton taken by the Luftwaffe as well as other contemporary gems. The photo of the experimantal ship tank is instantly recognisable as the building continues to exist as a museum.

There’s also a shot of the fitting out basin at Denny’s, now the home of Dumbarton FC.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are the types of site where this blogger can get lost for hours.

Fascinating stuff.

Happy browsing.

Ode to Spring (1)

Latest from Brian and Phil (with apologies to Burns…..and Keats)

Ode to Spring

AnElephantCant stop looking out of the window
At the cold when he is cosy inside
As long as he stays in
The outlook’s amazing
Three miles across the great River Clyde


When it’s bleak – which is pretty much always –
Rain and hail swirl thick as fish stew
Clouds hanging low
Wind-driven snow
A combination to obscure any view


Then he sees the ferry come round from Kilcreggan
And the subs heading up to the base
Gulls on the wing
The first hint of spring
And crocuses bring a smile to his face

Sunny Helton-upon-Sea is a fun spot
You can easily pop down for a day
By car or by train
Or a boat o’er the main
And Loch Lomond is just minutes away


There’s a pier and a beach for the kiddies
There are places to go for your tea
Abandon your regime
And have a wee ice cream
In sunny Helton-upon-Sea


But there is a cloud for each silver lining
Trepidation makes AnElephant’s knees knock
A tear comes to his eye
When sunshine brightens the sky
He can see all the way over to Greenock!


Helton on Sea from Craigendoran - Bigrab 4/04/10

Film Photos

Aye strolling along the promenade today and having the wee digital camera in my pocket I got a couple of snaps.

First of all, Halloween spooky in the fog, The Birds

Not sure what film this could have been. However Helensburgh Pier looked like a set for something in the fog – maybe a kind of bleak WW2 vibe.

By the time I passed by again about 90 minutes later it had transformed to the Hunt for Red October!

Scottish Railway Posters (4 & 5)

I don’t have info on this one but it looks very similar in style to the Peterhead poster I featured. Obviously from the same series.

Poster produced for London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) to promote rail travel to Helensburgh on the Clyde Coast of Scotland. Artwork by Frank Henry Mason (1876-1965), who was educated at HMS Conway and spent time at sea. He painted marine and coastal subjects and was involved in engineering and shipbuilding. He designed posters for several railway companies.