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On a (Swiss) Roll!

My team, Dumbarton, secured their highest finish in the league for 27 years yesterday with a 4-1 victory over league leaders Hamilton Accies. The game was on a knife edge until sub Colin Nish put them ahead on 77 minutes to make it 2-1. The Accies lost the plot after that and player manager Alex Neil head-butted Mark Gilhaney on the touchline.

Accies ten men then chased the game and allowed Sons to add two more to their tally.

The atmosphere at the match was enhanced by our Swiss Supporters Club – A very good humoured crowd of guys who make the long journey to Dumbarton once or twice a season. Great to hear them in full voice yesterday.


Ther Swiss Sons before the game ‘Fly like an elephant – sting like a rock!’

Things I never thought I’d see…..

It’s amazing how life changes. I attended my first Dumbarton game in 1970.

Below is the teamsheet from today’s game, and indeed glorious victory, over Hamilton Academical.

teamsheetLooking from a 1970, or even a 1990 perspective, who’da thunk that this fixture would have

1) Been played at the ‘Bet Butler Stadium’?

2) Featured a player whose name encompasses the Bible, 60s rockers The Grateful Dead and….incontinence pants? (Jesus Garcia Tena)

3) Featured a player with the Christian name ‘Ziggy’?

4) Featured a player wearing number 99? (He looked a bit flaky to me) whose name encompasses a Russian Leader, The comedy character Swiss Tony and a Dundee newspaper (Mickael Antoine Curier)

Clear as Mud

Les Gray the Hamilton Accies chairman is actually in a tribute band for Mud, they’re called ‘Fud’ and they do an amusing angle on some of the old hits.

All night long, it’s been plain to see
We’ve had more decisions from the referee
We’re full time in this town
We’re SPL 2 bound
With a crowd of nine hundred and forty three…….

That’s right that’s right that’s right that’s right – I talk a lot of shite
That’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat – We’ll get there if we cheat

We’ll get there if we cheat

If we cheat
If we cheat
If we cheat


Talk about Dunfermline if you like
Why don’t you all just go and take a hike?
We’re for the latest wheeze
Survival is a breeze
With all the dough Donkeyster’s gonna gie’s……..

That’s right that’s right that’s right that’s right – I talk a lot of shite
That’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat – We’ll get there if we cheat

We’ll get there if we cheat

If we cheat
If we cheat
If we cheat

Fool time!

(Middle eight!)

I know the crowd was less that that last night but 943 rhymed

What about the Sons then?

A few weeks ago, Dumbarton sat anchored in bottom place in division one with five points from thirteen games. They had lost ten of those games, drawn two and had won only one.

Since then they have played six league games and won five of them. Much of the credit must go to the manager Ian Murray who at 31 years of age is, I think the youngest in senior football in Scotland (someone will no doubt correct me if I’m wrong in that).


The BBC seem to have decked out the league table in DFC’s club colours!

It is tradition for Sons fans not to believe their eyes or results in such circumstances. Last season when we had a similar turnaround in fortunes after Christmas and eventually gained promotion it was put down to luck by many of the fans.

It has always been thus.

Yesterday there was certainly not much luck involved in the Sons victory, although the third goal (a deflection by one of their own defenders) which sealed it was maybe a bit unfortunate for Hamilton who had been threatening an equaliser at 2-1.

The team played with great determination yesterday and there was a poise and flair about their play which had been marked absent in the earlier part of the season.

Well done to Ian Murray who will surely pick up the dreaded Manager of the Month award (I say dreaded – it’s usually followed by a disaster) but in particular well done to the players who have rediscovered belief in themselves to go on what has been a quite remarkable run of results.