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A Pair of Jeremys


Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt could surely pass for a younger Fred Goodwin.

Jeremy Hunt

Another Jeremy Hunt

Could it be that Jeremy’s career path is about to follow the same trajectory as Fred’s?


Shedding a knighthood

I always thought he was “Fred the Shred”.


Aye and what about a caption competition?

So, sad man that I am I googled ‘Fred the Shed’ and it took me to a site called……wait for it……Readers’ Sheds!

And this is indeed Fred the Shed.

Fred bare

Yes, poor old Fred Goodwin – or Badyin as he became affectionately known.



Stripped of his soubriquet, de-knighted and down and out on thirteen grand a week.

About three years ago I wrote this wee crochety jingle for him (thanks to the Kinks for the tune!)

Dedicated Follower of Money

I’ll bet Lord Archole of Weston Super Mare is relieved that unlike Freddie and Robert Mugabe, he didn’t do anything to bring the honours system into disrepute.

I saw this quote on the BBC:

IoD director general Simon Walker told the BBC he did not approve of the decision, given Mr Goodwin had not been convicted of crime.

“To do it because… you don’t approve of someone, you think they have done things that are wrong but actually there is no criminality… is inappropriate and politicises the whole honours system,” he said.

Ooh! it looks like it has to be its first outing of 2012!


Sir Fred Goodwin – Ravi Shankar

Another absolute gift of a story to happen whilst I was absent from normal BLFP duties was the superinjunction by Fred the Shred to stop discussion of the injunction brought by him to prevent him being described as a ba****. So what is a superinjunction? It is an injunction which makes it an offence to refer to an injunction. Although one wonders if no one knows about the original injunction how it is to be enforced?

I wonder if it’s ok to refer to him as a petulant wean of a man who would throw a tantrum when the wrong biscuits were served up at RBS when he was a **nk**?

Is it in order to say that he spent a sum adjacent to the national debt on wallpaper and carpets for his office?

Sir Fred, who was knighted for services to ****ing, has featured here before. Indeed here’s the song I wrote (with the help of the Kinks) about him:

And here is the latest offering from AnElephantCanton the same subject:

By Yon Bonnie Banks

AnElephantCant disagree with this good man
Who tells us all he is not a banker
We have to agree
For was it not he
Who made our finances drop fast as an anchor?

As chief exec of a large institution
Which he says is a big secret now
Is he being disloyal
To something so royal
Having slaughtered the sacred cash cow?

A bank pays him £342,500 pension per annum
So he is obviously not a banker
We must not sell him short
Or he will drag us through court
And take the rest of our cash without rancour

He is just a wee buddy from Paisley
Who got a knighthood for services to banking
We must not demur
We must call him sir
Though what he deserves is a really good tanking

Goodwin Latest.


Song for Fred


I scribbled down the words for this last week and recorded it tonight.
Apologies to the Davies brothers and their band!

Song for Fred

Scumbag Millionaire

Despicable greedy bastard.

Despicable greedy bastard.

Upholder of standards in public life

I  heard John Prescott having a good old rant about Fred Goodwin yesterday on Radio 4. Leaving aside for a moment the irony of JP accusing someone of being greedy, what kind of person is Goodwin?

No shame, no contrition and a big “Get it right up you” to the taxpayer who has picked up the tab for his incompetence and his near £700k annual pension. This is a man who has a personal fortune of some £30 million and does not care about his personal reputation enough to forgo further riches.

No big charitable donation.

No reduction or modification to his outrageous fortune.

This was the man who appeared in front of the Treasury Select Committee recently and said he was “sorry” for the financial mess he’d helped create.

Sorry my arse.

Nick Leeson brought Barings bank to its knees by gambling a few hundred million and losing it. Leeson was hunted down, tried and sent to prison.

“Sir” Fred Goodwin brought RBS to its knees by gambling billions and losing it.  Goodwin’s “punishment” has been retiral at 50 with a pension of £700k a year.

Pass the sick bag.