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I hope you were impressed. I mean I predicted one of the numbers. Predicting six is fourteen million to one,  so predicting one must still be over two million to one! 8)

How silly did I feel having the man in the local shop showing me how to mark off the numbers on the ticket?



Tonight’s Lottery Prediction

Yes folks I am breaking my habit of never buying a lottery ticket.

Using a special method called the gullibility of eejits I have calculated what I think will be the winning numbers for tonight’s UK national lottery.

How I have picked the numbers is by going to the Google news page and picking the first six numbers between 1 and 49 featured in their articles.

First out is number 12 (an article from the Mirror talking about Labour’s number of years in power)

Second……it’s number 1! (From the same article – In 1997 wages were as low as £1 an hour apparently)

Third number it’s 27

and Fourth its 18  ( from an article in the Times talking about Operation Cast Lead in Gaza which lasted from the 27th December to 18th January)

Then it is 24 (the age of a suspect arrested in the Ane Le (Yale University) murder.

Finally it’s number 8 which was the date the victim met her death.

And the bonus ball is 30 (from an article about competitiveness in the Telegraph)

So in ascending order for your opportunity to lose £1 but in an interesting way, here are tonight’s lottery numbers

1   8   12  18  24  27  Bonus ball 30

If the numbers should come up I will of course be too busy with my new TV series to be buggering about on a blog so just in case it happens, au revoir!

Lottery Latest!



I never buy a lottery ticket and I’m not going to start now. Voluntary taxation isn’t my bag I’m afraid.


If you were remotely interested in Derren Brown’s lottery prediction explanation you’d have watched his show tonight. I’ll therefore not go into the details of how he claims he did it.

I’m still wondering though…….Why no audience when he presented the show on Wednesday? (because you can’t have a split screen camera trick with an audience?)

And if he’s right about the “wisdom of crowds” then no doubt, Tupperware style, there’ll be a lottery party springing up in a hoose near you soon!

So…How Did He Do It Then?

Your theories please.

Derren Brown

Derren Brown in the U.S.A. posing as a spiritualist medium. He is using a trick technique called cold reading. Still more convincing than bloody Derek Acorah!

"I'm getting someone! is it Mac? Mac the Slipper! no! Jack the Ripper!"






Here Brown takes on nine world class chess players simultaneously. He doesn't beat them all but by trickery he wins the majority.

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