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Ooh Aar Me Hearties!

I see that David Cameron made an impassioned plea yesterday for Scots to vote NO in the referendum on independence.

Britain, he said, is a “brave, brilliant, buccaneering, generous, tolerant, proud” nation.


Yes that is indeed what he said……


He added that if Scotland did vote Yes that the remaining UK would be holding on to all the Doubloons and Pieces of Eight…..

Quotes of the Day

“North Korea nuclear strike could hit UK”

Who do you think said this today?

Kim Jong Un?



And who said this?

“Philpott case shines light on Welfare State”

A fuckwit?



Lodged in the Memory

I was struck by David Cameron’s resemblance to someone this week:

David Cameron

David Cameron

Singh the Sash?

Singh the Sash?


I published this elsewhere earlier in the week and BLFP reader Bobby J sent me this marvellous link from the Glasgow Herald from 13/11/1981


Whilst following Bobby’s link I found this ad:


A sobering thought to consider what a Betamax VCR cost in 1981!

Headline of the Day!


Time for the first outing of 2013 methinks:


The Blame Game

The European Union.

An idea to bring Europe’s nation states together in a mission of common purpose. To have the same laws and regulations despite huge differences in climate, culture, and political legacy. To have fiscal, monetary and eventually political union.

How’s that going?

No one likes a smartarse

My blogfriend Adullamite draws my attention to a Daily Telegraph Quiz which reprises David Cameron’s appearance on Letterman. Now to be fair, like Cameron I didn’t know who wrote Rule Britannia but faced with four alternatives I picked the right one.

Here’s how I did:

To be honest, a couple were educated guesses. I actually wasn’t sure on the dog collar! The question I got wrong was the one relating to the percentage of Conservative voters in Wales.

Why not see how you get on and report back.

Nobody’s Child?

I see that David and Samantha Cameron inadvertently left their daughter in the pub (as one does)

“I thought she was with you”

Can there be any truth in the rumour that this was a trial run for a way of getting rid of George Osborne?