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Team GB?

Geographical /political ignorance that’s what it is.

The British Isles – Physical/Geographical. All the islands which make up the archipeligo just off Europe to the north west of the continental mainland. This includes Great Britain, Ireland, The Channel Islands, The Scilly Isles, The Isles of Man  and Wight. They include the Hebrides, and the Northern Isles (Orkney and Shetland).

Great Britain – Physical. This is the island of Great Britain which comprises England, Scotland and Wales.

United Kingdom – Political. This is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and includes most of the British Isles but excludes the Irish Republic.

Therefore, why would a competitor from Northern Ireland, Shetland or Jersey feel included in “Team GB”?

It would not surprise me at all if a majority of the residents of the British Isles did not know these simple facts above.

No wonder they confuse the flags of two sworn enemies!

It’s all part of the same ignorance that confuses England/GB/UK and it gets right on my threepenny bits!

If anything it should be Team UK.

Anyway the opening ceremony is on in a few hours.

I’m heading for the hills!



Scottish Coin

I suppose many folks have a tin of old coins in the house. I remember this coin from our tin when I was a kid. I rediscovered our tin when my mother was moving home recently.


There were several coronation commemorative coins including that of Edward VII. This one is different. On one side it says “In defence of the rights and honour of Scotland”, with the Royal Lion Rampant flag.


On the other it says “Edward I of Britain & the British Empire, falsely styled Edward VII. Our army, navy, parliament and flag all are British not English”.

I’ve had a look on the net for some information but have so far drawn a blank. This is obviously not the work of Scottish nationalists but seems rather to have been struck as a protest to a time when the postal address of Scotland became North Britain. It’s a reminder that the union was meant to be one of equal partnership and how it didn’t actually work out like that.

Interesting stuff.