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If time travel were possible…….

I’d be going back in time twenty years armed with current knowledge.

And I’d be going to the bookies.

“How far in the future can I bet on the outcome of two football matches on the same day?” I’d ask.

“There is no limit” would come the reply.

“I would like therefore to stake one thousand pounds that in 2013, Celtic will lose to Ross County in a premier league match in Dingwall after being 2-0 in the lead”

(Bookmakers assistant looks incredulous and somehow worried)

“And I’d like to make it a double with Annan Athletic winning a league game at Ibrox against Rangers, on the same day, in Scottish League division three with more than forty thousand people there”

(Bookmakers assistant says “Hold on while I go and get the odds for that sir”)

Bookmakers Assistant on phone : “Yes he has the money and seems normal but is clearly suffering some kind of mental trauma. Should I phone the authorities?”

Bookie Boss – “Aye do that but stall him and make sure you take his bet first”.

I would have the last laugh though, because today Ladbrokes would be in receivership and I’d be a billionaire!


Quote of the Week

“Stick SPL2 where the sun don’t shine”

Henry McClelland, Chairman Annan Athletic FC

It is part of an inspiring statement which can be found here

As I understand things, there were assurances given that the full time first division clubs would not pursue or be persuaded by an SPL2 option. Furthermore I believe that there was information from the SPL that the settlement money is guaranteed for this season at least. These were the two main concerns I had about a no vote.

Whilst I think those at the SFL meeting required the judgement skills of Solomon and the forensic skill of a Philadelphia lawyer, I think that the right decision was made.

It is now up to the SFA and SPL to respect this democratic vote and not pull any surprises from the hat on Monday.

The buzz phrase has now moved from sporting integrity to 42 club resolution

The Wild Rovers

The other night I took in the Albion Rovers v Annan Athletic third division play off final first leg at Cliftonhill. I have a few friends who support the Rovers, one of whom is involved in the running of the club. It was a good game considering the gale force wind and rain, with Rovers running out convincing 3-1 winners, courtesy of three goals by Robert Love.

Robert Love with the match ball.

Here’s a few more photies I took with my new shiny iPod.

It's a relief to find it's a sponsorship notice (albeit one that's 9 years out of date)

You want razamataz? We got razamataz! The Rovers Cheerleaders.


Rovers celebrate the first goal

Other managers were there

At one stage with the ball pinging about in the wind and with possession changing five or six times in as many seconds, a Rovers player had a spectacular overhead kick in midfield “Silky soccer, boys!!” shouted one wag.

The second leg of the final is on Sunday at Annan, scene of Sons 2009 third division triumph. Annan is a great club which holds fond memories for this blogger, but I’ll be hoping Rovers will finish the job they started on Wednesday and win promotion for the first time since 1989 (clinched in a match v Sons as I recall)

Just Champion!

I can’t really describe yesterday in words, so these pictures will have to do. (click on any photo to enlarge).

I couldn’t get much action from the game because I didn’t have a zoom lens, only a wee digital compact and a phone.

The game was almost incidental as the championship was all but secured last week.

However we completed the job in style winning 3-1.

The return to Dumbarton and the team in an open topped bus coming down Castle Road with so many turning out to welcome them home was unforgettable.

Come on the Sons!



Party Time

Well I’m off to Annan with the Sons today.

Don’t expect to hear anything from the BLFP until tomorrow.

Wish us luck!

Yes I am that old.

Shades of Lunacy!

big-rabThe wacky photo on the left is reminiscent of Timmy Mallet circa 1985, or even my zany blog pal Colin Campbell but is in fact Yours Truly modelling the souvenir shirt that I hope the majority of Dumbarton fans will be wearing on Saturday (128 sold so far!).

That and a big daft pair of sunglasses. Again I hope most of the fans will be wearing shades although the forecast is rain.

The theme is “The Future’s So Bright We Gotta Wear Shades” Based on the 80’s ironic protest song by Timbuk 3 against atomic weapons.

The shirt has that slogan along with the DFC club crest and “Division 3 Champions 2008-09”

I’ve been assured that my recording of the song is to be played on the team bus on the way down to Annan.

The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

(it’s only listening now I hear how flat my voice was here. hey ho!)

At night on our return to Dumbarton the celebrations will include comedic contributions from two BLFP regulars, Fern Cake and Stu Who? (continuing the shades theme!) and a rerr terr* afterwards

*good time, celebration, enjoyable period sometimes involving alcoholic beverages.

Anyone wishing to order a shirt can do so here

Sons 0 Annan 2

Just absolutely dire.

Players playing yet another “system” that didn’t work against a team with a highly effective one that did. Lumping balls forward whilst the opposition passed about neatly.

We have three away games coming up after a ten day rest.

We probably have the best players in the division.

Unless they start getting deployed to their strengths they will continue to under achieve.