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    "Great read every day. Makes me smile as Rab muses about music and his irreverent views on the EU. Tune in, you won't be disappointed."

    "Excellent 'Blog' which can be controversial at times, while maintaining it's humour. Keep it up Big Rab!"

    "Updated every day with doses of good humour, political satire, a running commentary on the progress of author's home football team and his life."

    "Pure brilliant, so it is - I never miss it, though God knows, I've tried."

    "An inspiration to start my own blog"

    "For dipping into it's better than pakora sauce"

    "Anyone who doesn't like the EU and has a soft spot for Albion Rovers can't be all bad"

    "Facile and False"

    "Populist,puerile and prosaic"

    "Utter pish! Keep it up, I love it!"

    "People may also find the Ben Lomond Free Press blog illuminating, interesting and/or amusing. It’s not mentalist as such but familiar themes emerge. I particularly like accounts of encounters with strange elementals (of course! ELEmentals!) from elfin safety. And the fact that the blog is run by someone who plays in a blues band called Harmonica Lewinsky."

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13 Responses

  1. Hi – I noticed your WordPress blog has the default “nofollow’ tags enabled.

    As you might know, any of your valued readers who leave a coment will be have any link to their websites negated to the search engines, including Google.

    If you approve the comment, YOU should be the one to decide if their links are followed, not WordPress.

    It is simple to correct this by downloading and installing the “No Follow Free” tag. This should take no more than 5 minutes to download, un-zip, and place in your WordPress.

    There is a rapdly growing community of bloggers of all stripes taking back their WordPress and Blogger blogs by removing the nofollow tag.

    If you decide to remove your nofollow tag, I will personally promote your blog to my friends and associates who will happily visit your blog and give it some traffic – this is also known as “blog love. The more comments, the more pings to Google and the Internet as a whole.

    Hope you will join us. While you are at it, you might want to check out “CommentLuv”. Many bloggers search out blogs that have this plugin installed.


    Rob Oresteen

  2. Opps, sorry. Here is the link to CommentLuv

    – Rob

  3. As far as I knew wordpress.com blogs don’t support plugins (although .org ones do) If I’m wrong please email me at the address above with full technophobe instructions on how to do it.

  4. Rob,
    As the only reliable source of information on TBN, sorry, let me rephrase that, as the only source of any information on TBN anywhere, any news on an album release (wishful thinking?) or tour dates ? Website is ….well, is there anyone in there ? Any rumour’s / info. would be most appreciated, as your mate in Stockport will tell you, we ‘ear nowt down ‘ear in Manchester.

    By the way, with your musical tastes, you seem like the kind of bloke who would be into Hue + Cry, just missed the gig they did down here but the new album’s great.

  5. I quite like Hue and Cry Rob but to be honest my wife is a bigger fan. We saw them once, at the height of their powers at the Barrowland in Glasgow and they were very good. As for The Blue Nile, Paul B promised a new album in 2006 and 2008. Going by previous track record I’d say 2011 would be the earliest. He sees the band’s (his) career as an arc of five albums and has been quoted on it. So long as it’s not a covers album of stuff like Strangers in the Night and Are You Lonesome Tonight? (The former performed with TBN the latter with Chris Botti). Good to hear from you.

  6. Rab,

    Still dip in to the site regularly although god knows, I try not to…good pics on Loch Lomond by the way, my eldest son spends a lot of time there working as an outdoor instructor for Glasgow council.
    Enjoy the reviews from the band, reminds me somewhat of our own exploits down here, still playing blues and we’re all 60+ !..sadly, we don’t seem to attract good looking females like you lot despite our best efforts.
    Reason for contact is really about finding the latest incarnation of TBN website, have you seen it ?…assume you must have, any thoughts/opinions or is it yet another false dawn for old fans ?
    Final point, any idea on where I could get hold of the CD Quiet City done by Nigel Thomas, the early TBN drummer ?..my copy not in the best of health due to spillage accident with small grandson, still manages to play the track Due North, for me, one of the best things PB has done. The CD was deleted some years ago and it never managed to get on iTunes as far as I know..any suggestions ?


  7. Terry,

    I’ll be in touch. I have the album somewhere and I’ll burn you a copy or upload it somewhere when I find it.

    TBN have had more false Dawns than Anne Summers! 8) Paul Buchanan is apparently not in the best of health or spirits at the moment so it’s back to wait and see……………

  8. Terry

    I have sent you a link to where I have uploaded the album. Please let me know if you’ve received it.

  9. Hi Rab,

    Just watched” Ritch Halls Dirty South” on, I think BBC 3. Basically he was looking at how the Southern states are viewed from the outside, in terms of music, movies and religion, amongst other things.
    It is a good programme but perticularly worth a look for his visit to Memphis and his piece about Sun Studios and the music produced there.As a music lover I found his opinions refreshingly honest and passionate, especialy when talking about musical “Biopics”.
    I managed to get to Memphis a few years ago and went to Sun. I would say to anyone going there, forget the themepark / zoo / freakshow that Graceland has become and visit the studios where it all began. Its the real deal, honestly it gave me a chill.
    Would be interested to hear what you thought if you saw the programme. Dont know if its on iplayer.

  10. Tommy, thanks very much for the heads up. I think Rich Hall is brilliant and I’ll certainly follow this up. I’m away till Friday so I’ll get on the case when I get back.

    I’d love to visit Memphis and some of the southern areas where the blues masters came from.

    Maybe one day.

  11. Rab you wil like this and no doubt your readers
    My daughter Di in Eaglesham sent me to the local Spar for stamps I wanted a few books and the Asian gent could not find him
    He turned round and shouted ” Mina and then a rabble of bangladesh which I dont understand” when the voice re plied from the back shop Ithought of Stil game and fell about laughing and so did he so obviously it had happened before.
    Meanwhile wee Katie who is 3 said PAPA WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING

  12. As you have nicked the trolleybus/tram picture without an acknowledgement to its source perhaps you can advertise my current website project which is following the restoration progress of Glasgow tram #488 at http://www.488.cyberpictures.net

    There is also a lot of historical information and lots of pictures to see.

    David Bradley

  13. Have you any photos of the old Hermitage from about 1941? Would love to see that. I started school there that year and I lived next door.

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