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Is there a collective noun for ‘Chancers’?

A Vatfraud?

A Backhand?

Whatever it is there is  a fair old collection of them at Ibrox these days and a revolving door for them too it would seem……..

Curioser and Curioser (How they are connected – part 1690)

Click here for an account of more shenanigans involving Craig Whyte.

A judge has ruled that former Rangers owner Craig Whyte gave “false” information to Ticketus regarding his director disqualification.

A 28-page judgement delivered at the Chancery Division of the High Court in London earlier this month found that Whyte had failed to disclose the ban to the firm.

Master Marsh awarded Ticketus £17,683,338 in damages on 5 April 2013.

Incredibly the article ends thus:

Master Marsh, who made the judgement, is a former partner of Collyer Bristow, the law firm who previously acted for Mr Whyte at the time of the Rangers takeover.

Marsh resigned from Collyer Bristow in February 2012 before his appointment as a Master of the High Court Chancery Division from 12 March 2012.

There is no suggestion that Marsh has been directly involved with Whyte and a spokeswoman for the judiciary said: “Master Marsh was a member of Collyer Bristow LLP until 28 February 2012, before he took up his post as Chancery Master. He was aware of a claim against Collyer Bristow and therefore raised his previous connection with Collyer Bristow LLP with the parties at the outset in case in case they felt he should recuse himself. All the parties, including Mr Whyte, were content for the judge to deal with the case. Master Marsh’s former connection with Collyer Bristow LLP has no bearing on the case.”

I have no locus whatsoever on the probity or otherwise of Master Marsh, but surely they could have found a judge with no connection to Whyte or his companies?

If time travel were possible…….

I’d be going back in time twenty years armed with current knowledge.

And I’d be going to the bookies.

“How far in the future can I bet on the outcome of two football matches on the same day?” I’d ask.

“There is no limit” would come the reply.

“I would like therefore to stake one thousand pounds that in 2013, Celtic will lose to Ross County in a premier league match in Dingwall after being 2-0 in the lead”

(Bookmakers assistant looks incredulous and somehow worried)

“And I’d like to make it a double with Annan Athletic winning a league game at Ibrox against Rangers, on the same day, in Scottish League division three with more than forty thousand people there”

(Bookmakers assistant says “Hold on while I go and get the odds for that sir”)

Bookmakers Assistant on phone : “Yes he has the money and seems normal but is clearly suffering some kind of mental trauma. Should I phone the authorities?”

Bookie Boss – “Aye do that but stall him and make sure you take his bet first”.

I would have the last laugh though, because today Ladbrokes would be in receivership and I’d be a billionaire!

Out of the Blue

Remember back in June when Charles Green bought Rangers assets and formed a newco? Remember ten minutes later a Walter Smith led consortium asked Charles Green to step aside and to sell the club to them? Remember the implicit murmurings that this was really the only way of saving Rangers, Green was a rank badyin and up to no good?

You do?

Can anyone therefore explain this photo in this morning’s Herald?

McCoist – New Resolve

Two comedians

Spotted at last night’s Falkirk v Rangers game:


Quote of the day?

‘There have been a lot of questions asked about Charles and that will continue to happen but, if Mother Theresa had bought Rangers, I’d still have been sceptical,’ McCoist said.