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No Snow Blues

Although Brian Protheroe is regarded as a one hit wonder, how about this glorious seasonal blues from 2010?


Indeed, two thespian/musicians here with Brian Protheroe being backed by Paul Jones on harmonica.

I always loved this song.

A Long Song Indeed

A friend dropped by the other day and was reflecting on his first gig – Jethro Tull at the Apollo Glasgow nearly 40 years ago (!)

It reminded me of the following clip of Ian Anderson I’d seen recently.


Apologies if I’ve posted this one before….

Freddie Stevenson

He was the support to the Waterboys. Good singer songwriter. I really enjoyed his set.

The Shaggs

Lenin the Parakeet sends a picture of The Shaggs a late 60s band of sisters from New Hampshire.


They were noted for their ineptitude at playing popular music but after Frank Zappa and Kurt Cobain citing them as influences, most people thought that…….they were inept at playing popular music.

Zappa thought they were “better than the Beatles”

Why don’t you decide pop pickers?

The name pertains to a haircut I believe….

There are some things……

…..that stay with you for a long time.

On Thursday night in the hotel I was staying in (in Grantham) I noticed an old man in the bar. He was shaking quite a bit and was drinking a pint of Guinness via a straw. There was a couple and two girls sitting with him whom I took to be his family. However they left him and eventually the old boy got up to leave himself.

On his way out he stopped and asked, in a Scots accent, if I was staying long. When he heard a familiar vernacular replying he asked where I was from. He replied that he loved Helensburgh and that he was originally from Ayrshire but had lived in Uddingston for many years before moving down to Grantham in 1983.

When he left, some of the other patrons filled in the gaps on “Shaky Dave”. He was the organiser of the local folk club and even in his coping with dementia and Parkinson’s continued in the role. Indeed in his short conversation with me he had asked if I’d be there on Sunday as the folk club would be on.

I said that I wouldn’t make it and that would be a pity because I’d have enjoyed it. I explained that I had the moothies and my travel guitar with me and that we’d maybe share a song or two the following night. A quick check on Friday amongst the other patrons revealed no objections to some homespun music.

I played a few of my repertoire including a couple of Burns songs which Dave joined in on. Eventually Dave asked for a shot of the moothie and he played the theme from “Last of the Summer Wine”. However it was his encore that will stay with me. In a rich baritone voice, with a faultless performance, no accompaniment and perfect timing, he delivered a song I hadn’t heard before.

At the end of his rendition, along with everyone in the bar, I applauded. I shook the old boy’s hand and said truthfully that the song and the delivery of it had been quite incredible. I asked Dave whose song it was and he said “Jeannie Robertson”

There’s quite a bit of Jeannie’s stuff out there on the web but not ‘I’ll lay ye doon’

I could only find this version by a young woman. This perhaps can give you a flavour of the best live performance I have heard in quite some time.

I also found this version by Old Blind Dogs on Spotify

Big Breaths

This is terrific. It’s the Isobel Campbell (see yesterday’s posting) version of a Franz Ferdinand song ‘Walk Away’

The whole track is available free at Isobel’s website here

Musicians and Politics

It’s 500 days away.

So……Pop Cop asked forty Scots Musicians how they intended to vote in the 2014 Independence Referendum.

You can go and read the comments by clicking on the link but the breakdown was Yes 13, No 7 and Undecided 20.

Isobel Campbell, indie singer and cellist formerly of Belle and Sebastian had this to say:


Whilst Justin Currie (he of Del Amitri) commented as follows:

justin currie

Footnote: Justin Currie was born in Glasgow…….

Johnny Cash (from a Cave)

Some of Johnny’s later stuff was just incredible.

For Fellow Insomniacs