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I think I could be back in the Yes camp……

Here is a party political article on behalf of the Scottish National Party and the Yes campaign….



Just what IS Roy Hodgson getting for Christmas?

Tasteful and elegant

Also scores penalties……

Also for the Elvis fan in your life…..


I deliberately avoid any papers or media connected to “celebrities” but even my home email page carries stuff like this which is difficult to avoid.

I just wondered about this Jordan/Katie Price individual. Her bizarre and capricious behaviour surely point to some kind of contamination of the brain. I wondered perhaps if some silicone had seeped and that she may be suffering from………

False mammary syndrome.

No Comment Necessary

I’m sure we all agree.

How Low Can TV Go?


This is Derek Acorah.

Who he?

Well he is a medium. You know – he claims that he speaks to dead folk.Have you noticed the thing about dead folk talking through mediums is that they can communicate the minutest details except their names? “I have a Frank here – wait – it could be Margaret!”

Acorah used to play for Liverpool apparently although it seems that was much in the same way that Gordon Ramsay played for Rangers.

Other members of my family (no names!) used to watch his appearances on a programme called Most Haunted in which he would travel the country visiting supposedly haunted buildings and speaking to the spirits that inhabited the places.

I saw bits and pieces of this show and the comedy value was terrific. One show broadcast from tourist attraction The London Dungeon had Acorah holding his heid saying something like: “I’m getting something – is it Mac? Mac the Slipper? No! no! it’s Jack the Ripper!”

This though must be his finest moment. Watch as he goes into a “trance” and is guided by his Ethiopian spirit guide “Sam” (no, really). You’ll only have to wait 20 seconds for the good bit.

Although Acorah’s original material is almost beyond parody, here is comedian Marc Wooton with his version of Acorah, Shirley Ghostman “channeling” Princess Diana.

(Warning, bad language,disrespect to Royalty and dubious taste involved )

Anyway, why is Acorah in the news?

Well he’s going to hold a live seance with Michael Jackson on Sky TV.

Apparently there’s already been a “tweance” (twitter seance) for the king of pop held last week.


"Hello? King of pop are you there?"

For the life of me I can’t imagine why any TV company would broadcast such a thing. A man about as genuine as his hair colour trying to contact a dead pop star.

While I go and puzzle over why they’re going ahead with this, can I just mention that viewers will be able to phone in with their questions for the deceased King of Pop at a very reasonable and earthly price of 60p per minute?

Jonathan King

Aye remember him? Rolls Royce driving record “producer” who every so often would release “novelty” records like “Una Paloma Blanca” and “Leap up and down with your knickers in the air” etc just to annoy the hell out of us. Discovered Genesis and 10cc, was a big fan of Maggie Thatcher’s and sang the vocal on the first Bay City Rollers hit.
As if there isn’t enough there to make you dislike him intensely, you may remember he was sent to jail a few years back for acts of indecency committed with under age boys in the 1980’s an event which saw many other men come forward to say that they too had been abused by him. I subscribe to the Yahoo group B3TA which is an always tasteless occasionally funny weekly collection of web links and stuff. Last week the link for the track below appeared. The very same Jonathan King who posts now on Youtube under various pseudonyms including “vile pervert” (no doubt an attempt at irony but….). At the same time as posting this he is taking his appeal against his conviction to the European Court of Human Rights!

WARNING! Don’t watch this if you are prone to spontaneous fits of nausea! In fact I’m not going to embed this on my blog – I’ll just post the link instead.

Click Here