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Ask me another

Being somewhat intrigued by Google’s auto complete suggestion (see previous post) I thought I’d try to see what other strange ideas might be lurking in the annals of the search engine.

Starting with the letter ‘a’, I asked ‘Can Scotland….a’ and quite reasonably got the following suggestions.

scotaI worked through the letters and they were all in a similar vein.

Until I got to ‘e’………..




Currency Confection

Having read Mark Carney’s thoughts about an independent Scotland continuing to use the pound, I thought I’d check something out.

Several committed Yes voters have pointed out to me that Sterling is a reserve currency and as such can be used by any country who would wish to do so. The idea was apparently mooted in Hong Kong before they decided on a Hong Kong dollar pegged to the US dollar, much in the same way that Denmark’s currency is pegged to the Euro.

I wanted to find out about the inevitable difficulties which would ensue from an independent Scotland simply adopting Sterling without a formal currency union. I decided to ask Google the question ‘Could Scotland use the pound as a reserve currency?’

The auto complete suggestions were getting the idea until I got to the word ‘reserve’


Idle Chat


Scottish Marriage Proposal

For some reason, this won’t display.

Click here to view.

The UKIP Shipping Forecast

I saw one of these Facebook status things the other day which read something like “Surrealism used to be art. Now it’s everyday life”


I thought of it when I saw this headline:


When I saw it, I hadn’t long finished reading this article about UKIP councillor David Silvester who claimed that the Gay Marriage legislation had made the Good Lord so dischuffed, that he had unleashed the recent floods and storms on the UK in an act of vengeance.


Apparently, “The scriptures make it abundantly clear that a Christian nation that abandons its faith and acts contrary to the Gospel (and in naked breach of a coronation oath) will be beset by natural disasters.”

Several satirists have taken up the theme. A spoof Twitter account gives the UKIP weather forecast:


Nicholas Pegg then put out this shipping forecast on Radio 4. The usual advice about finishing any food or hot drinks before listening applies here.



Blunt Answers

James Blunt, it would be fair to say, is not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m not his biggest fan myself but you know what? I can think of plenty of artists/bands more worthy of scorn and dismissal.

Blunt’s problem was that a bandwagon of dislike started rolling when he had his number one hit “You’re Beautiful”. The falsetto voice and rather twee subject matter of the song got some danders up and he became an easy target.

It seems that Blunt, a former captain in the British Army, has taken on and is relishing his role as hate figure on social media.

He reveals himself as good humoured and quick witted in response to some of the insults he has to endure on Twitter.

For example in response to the barbed comment “James Blunt just has an annoying face and a highly irritating voice” Blunt replies “And no mortgage”. Here are some more.

blunt views

He’s turned the whole thing to his advantage by his own anti-marketing campaign with products such as:



The Poke has compiled a selection of Blunt’s best 2013 put downs in an article entitled 30 reasons why James Blunt won at Twitter in 2013. It gave me my best laugh of the New Year so far.

Kim Jong Un v Christmas