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Who Knew?

That such a company existed in Kilmarnock? (According to Google Maps)




Thanks Glade Rover

How many?

Surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?

A fish……

How many anarchists does it take to change a light bulb?

None. The light bulb should be smashed.

How many blues fans does it take to change a light bulb?

None. They all prefer the original light bulb.

The Stracathro Time Tunnel!

On the way to Aberdeen yesterday, we stopped for lunch here:


Stracathro Services. ‘Potatoes for Sale’

This is the weird and wonderful Stracathro Services on the A90 near Brechin. I found this photo on the net and it really could have been taken at any stage in the last forty years. I doubt that the place has changed much in that time.

Inside there’s a 1970s style canteen which doesn’t appear to have had much maintenance time wasted on it any time recently. Split vinyl chairs, terracotta tiles,  formica tables and plastic ketchup bottles.

Mind you there is a ‘posh’ seating area too…..

I’ll say one thing though, the food is reasonably priced and there is a good selection (don’t however expect any new fangled health foods).

I’ve stopped a few times at Stracathro over the years and never cease to be amazed at the range of goods on sale. This tableau for instance contains a wicker waste paper basket, a used calendar, a toy lawn mower and tools, a kid’s fishing net, some wild bird fat balls and some kindling to get the fire going in the morning..




I’m not complaining though, I came away with a nice set of antimacassars, a rain mate, a Tommy Scott 8 track cassette, some kirby grips and a yo-yo.

And double Green Shield Stamps…….

In a West End Town


Special Delivery!

Problem pages. A glimpse into other peoples’ lives…..a vignette……


Past Times


Now it’s an addiction

I’ve done a bit of reading about it and it seems that Google auto complete is, as I thought, based on the number of people who have searched for a particular term.

Bearing that in mind, what about this?


Ask me another

Being somewhat intrigued by Google’s auto complete suggestion (see previous post) I thought I’d try to see what other strange ideas might be lurking in the annals of the search engine.

Starting with the letter ‘a’, I asked ‘Can Scotland….a’ and quite reasonably got the following suggestions.

scotaI worked through the letters and they were all in a similar vein.

Until I got to ‘e’………..



Currency Confection

Having read Mark Carney’s thoughts about an independent Scotland continuing to use the pound, I thought I’d check something out.

Several committed Yes voters have pointed out to me that Sterling is a reserve currency and as such can be used by any country who would wish to do so. The idea was apparently mooted in Hong Kong before they decided on a Hong Kong dollar pegged to the US dollar, much in the same way that Denmark’s currency is pegged to the Euro.

I wanted to find out about the inevitable difficulties which would ensue from an independent Scotland simply adopting Sterling without a formal currency union. I decided to ask Google the question ‘Could Scotland use the pound as a reserve currency?’

The auto complete suggestions were getting the idea until I got to the word ‘reserve’


Idle Chat