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Medieval Knight Found in Edinburgh

Thanks to BLFP correspondent Denise Aldelia Ward from the other Ben Lomond in California. Denise sends me an article from the Huffington Post, with links to a Scotsman article.

I’ve been busy this week and although I had heard of remains of black death victims being found in London I missed this story.

Archeologists this week announced the discovery of an unidentified medieval knight’s skeleton buried along with several other bodies under a Scottish parking lot.

The knight — or possibly nobleman — was uncovered during construction work, according to The Scotsman. Also found was an intricately carved sandstone slab, several other human burial plots and a variety of artefacts researchers believe are from the 13th-century Blackfriars Monastery.


Councillor Richard Lewis, a member of the City of Edinburgh Council, said the archaeological treasure trove has “the potential to be one of the most significant and exciting archaeological discoveries in the city for many years, providing us with yet more clues as to what life was like in Medieval Edinburgh,” according to a statement released by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI).

The rest of the article is here


The Internet…..1981 style

Everything about this 2′17″ report is wonderful: the rounded-screen computers (which remind me of my first computer, an Osborne “suitcase”, in 1983); the dial phone; the handset coupler; the green capitals on lined screen; the advertising for the concept: “A world of information at your fingertips.” The reporter says that there are “an estimated two to three thousand home computer owners in the Bay area”. One of whom says he likes the idea of copying articles from newspapers and printing them out to save. “I think it is the future.”

Then the studio anchor points out what a laughable concept digital newspapers are: “It takes over two hours to receive a whole newspaper” over the telephone line, at a $5 hourly rate.

Thank you

Roman in the Gloamin’

I wrote recently about the first depiction of tartan being found in Morocco

The BBC show about the Romans in Caledonia is now HERE

Thanks to Claret and Amber

Check This

A fascinating article here about what is believed to be the first depiction of tartan dating back to Roman times.

Unfortunately I missed the accompanying TV show which was on BBC2 last night and doesn’t appear to be on iPlayer. If anyone finds a link, please let me know.

Twenty years ago

Matti Makkonen, a Finnish engineer, almost unwittingly invented the Short Message System or SMS.

That’s txt 2 u and me.

In a world first, on 3 December 1992, an engineer sent the message “Merry Christmas” from a PC to a mobile device using Vodafone’s UK network.

But the origins of the idea date back further to Matti Makkonen. Over a pizza at a telecoms conference in 1984, the former Finnish civil servant put forward the idea of a mobile phone messaging service. This was to become the SMS (short message service) standard.

Dubbed the “father of SMS”- a title he dislikes because of the work others did to develop the technology – Matti Makkonen rarely gives interviews. However, he made an exception for the BBC’s tech team with an interview via SMS.

There is an interesting interview, done by text of course, by the BBC here

The REAL Braveheart

Took a trip with the family on Monday to the National Wallace Monument in Stirling.

It’s only 40 miles from us but it was the first time I had been at the monument since I was at primary school. It was quite an achievement climbing all the 246 steps!

Despite the changeable weather, it was still a stunning view from the top.

246 steps? ok!

You can read a brief history of Wallace’s life (and death) here

“Where’s that wee shite Gibson?”

Stirling Castle from the Wallace Monument

The winding River Forth (Wind and rain also pictured)

Reading about Wallace’s capture, trial and execution brought back the memory of this photo I took in Westminster Hall in 2008 recording the said trial in 1305

You can read that post here

US Presidential campaigning – 1960 style