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We know what they meant……

Indeed, it’s the new RSPCA shop in Bury, Lancashire.


Why typefaces can be important.

My Aunt seemed a bit offended by her birthday card…..


It’s a Sign!

One of the things I have really missed is sharing some of the weird and wonderful stuff I have spotted and photographed. For example:


Sign on a railing at a school in the West End of Glasgow


The going rate for having a shit in a taxi? A bit steep I’d have thought……


Breathing tolerated…


My correspondent Alec draws my attention to the following bus ad. This follows on from my highlighting the unfortunate placing of hardware on a photo of Carol Smillie As Alec points out there are even more unintentionally amusing bus ads out there:

A face like a back end of a bus

I was stuck behind a bus on the way to work the other morning and I couldn’t help but notice a larger than life photo of Carol Smillie exploiting the vain hopes of poor people encouraging folk to make huge profits for a multi million pound private business try their luck at a genuine chance to make themselves millionaires.

A closer examination of the ad reveals a handle sprouting from La Smillie’s heid and the legend “Emergency Exit” emblazoned across her teeth.

Surely not deliberate?

Best ever BBC news caption?

The Morton job has taken its toll!

What the?

Thanks John

A shaft of light?

Oh all right then – Just a small one!

Thank you to the marvellous Boo to the Business World

They have a kit – for THAT?

Spotted by my friend Russell in a north east Scotland garden centre: