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Denny’s Hoverbus

In May 2011 I made this posting about the Denny’s Hovercraft which I remember on the Clyde as a youngster. The posting has a link to a short Pathé News film from back in the day.

This week, regular correspondent John O’Hare sent me a great film of the hoverbus on its initial manouvres. Unfortunately the film doesn’t have sound. The description is as follows:

This hoverbus – the Denny D2 hoverbus – was the first in the world produced for commercial operation. The film begins with tests in Loch Long. It then records the maiden voyage sailing from Dumbarton to Oban, along the Crinan Canal to Inverness, Fraserburgh, Aberdeen, Berwick-Upon-Tweed and down the east coast finishing at the River Thames, London. The last section of the film concerns the liquidation of William Denny & Bros. Ltd.

On its maiden voyage, the hovercraft was skippered by 57 year old captain, Richard Mason. Peter Denny [featured in a memorial statue in the film] was born 1821 and died 1895. The statue was erected by friends and fellow townsmen in 1902.

Click here to view.

Dumbarton scrubs up nicely

Mind you, sometimes it’s the stuff that goes on behind the scenes that makes a town:

What is it you do for a living?

Free to Good Home

I’m a member of the local “Freegle” site where folk offer and ask for goods that are no longer wanted. It was good to find a home for our old, but prefectly usable, three piece suite through the site.

The system works where an email is sent with an offer or wanted heading and then when the goods are taken or received then an email will be sent with those headings.

Thus you’ll get an email like this:

It is not known if the recipient had a free ticket for the Dumbarton Football Stadium on Saturday.

Before the flood

Or rather during the flood!

Dumbarton earlier today:

The 'car park' at the quay

High Tide at the bridge.


This was the scene in Glasgow Road Dumbarton this evening

Fancy a drop at the Stag's Head?

And this is Gilbert Lawrie, Chief Executive at Dumbarton FC.

He’s trapped there – possibly overnight!

Send beer!

Do you think we'd better have a pitch inspection?

And on the subject of mysteries…..

I spotted this vehicle in Dumbarton High Street the other day

It seems to be a kind of two thirds size VW camper, bedecked in the livery of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine! It had a life size Scooby Doo soft toy in the passenger seat but there was no sign of any pesky kids.

Maybe Shaggy, Velma and co had popped into Greggs for a steak bake.

Cloud Atlas

I’m not a film buff, so the chances of me going to see Cloud Atlas a film starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry when it is released next year are virtually zero.

Overtoun House

However today whilst taking a constitutional in the grounds of Overtoun House and Estate in Dumbarton, I saw much evidence of the filming they are doing there. These days, as you’ll see if you click on the link, the house is occupied and run by a Christian group.

It was built as a home for Lord Overtoun and then used as a maternity hospital for many years. It lay derelict for some time before the religious group took it over so it would be churlish to criticise the service they are performing in occupying the building.

I took some phone shots:

The front lawn at Overtoun House

This balloon looked to have a harness attached to it. For ariel shots I assume.

Two of the film company's trucks at Overtoun Bridge

The budget for the movie is $140,000,000.

That’s what I call big bucks.

Sheep not bothered by cloud and rain

There was widespread flooding in the area.