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Fifty Years Ago

I remember it well. In fact it is one of my earliest memories.

I was four.

I was playing some game, not sure if I was a cowboy or a spaceman but it involved jumping off the couch and landing on a wicker chair nearby. The wicker chair was too light, overbalanced and I ended up on the floor minus one of my front teeth.

As my mother comforted me and with a towel at my mouth to stem the blood I can clearly recall the images coming through from Dallas on our recently inherited black and white TV. It was of American cops spaced at about 20 yards crouching as a camera swept along the route that John F Kennedy had taken in an open topped car earlier that day.

A journey which was to have been his last.

A friend of mine, sadly no longer with us, wrote the following article on his blog in 2006 about the Kennedy assassination:

This photograph shows Jack Ruby (nee Rubinstein) attending the press conference held in the Dallas Police Station just hours after the Kennedy assassination – a press conference in which Lee Oswald was paraded as the assassin. Ruby was just a face in the crowd at that time. (He is the man with glasses on the rear right of this photograph).
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Less than 48 hours after this photograph was taken, Ruby returned to the police station and shot Oswald to death.

The picture is a still taken from a piece of moving film – when the film moves on a few frames then another face in the crowd, just a few feet from Ruby, can be seen to be a very young John Ravenscroft, then an unknown Englishman struggling to make ends meet as a labourer in the cotton industry, later to become John Peel, probably the most famous and certainly the most revered English disc jockey of all time.

Peel tells the story of how he came to be in the Dallas Police Station on 22 November 1963 in his autobiography, ‘Margrave of the Marshes’ published after his death in 2004.

But fascinatingly, he first tells of an occasion in 1961 when he actually met, shook hands and spoke with John F Kennedy, then Senator Kennedy, Presidential candidate. Kennedy noticed that Peel had a camera and invited him to take a picture – this is the picture Peel took (which I’ve lifted straight from the book).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Peel was working in Dallas on 22 November 1963, quite near to where the assassination occurred. When the news came on the radio he went immediately to the scene and was actually present in the Dealey Plaza area while it was being crawled over by dozens of police and FBI agents in the immediate aftermath of the killing. He seemed to be allowed to wander about on the pretence that he was a reporter from the Liverpool Echo, his accent doing the trick.

Later in the evening he went to the Dallas police station, and again using the Liverpool Echo routine, was able to blag his way into the afore-mentioned press conference. When the police brought Oswald into the room, Peel’s impression was that Oswald was genuinely bewildered. “He was either a damn good actor or he was innocent”.

Thus John Peel was one of the very few persons (perhaps the only person) to have been within touching distance at one time or another of all 3 major players (Kennedy, Oswald, Ruby) in the crime of the century.


Conspiracy News

I don’t buy into conspiracy theories as a rule. However, expect to hear rather a lot about HAARP over the coming days and weeks in relation to the Japanese earthquake/tsunami and some of the other rather wild seismological and meteorological events which have happened recently.

Tinfoil Hat Time

Word of the day: Verisimilitude – the ring of truth.

Check out this post from the ‘European Union Times’ and see how it stacks up on the verisimilitude front. Not much? thought so.

I had a laugh when I read a friend’s posting about this on Facebook and he commented that it was time for the tinfoil hat. The tinfoil hat is the number 1 fashion accessory for unemployed conspiracy theorists around the world. The idea is that if you wear one, then your brain is not susceptible to those radiated messages that the government sends out to control us (a bit like a kind of invisible Fox News).

I thought it might be a good subject for a song, but surely this one can’t be bettered:

UFO If You Want To – The PM Wasn’t For Sharing

Fascinating releases today from the National Archive on UFO sightings.

Churchill and Eisenhower apparently got together to cover up a UFO sighting, which was witnessed by an RAF crew on their way back from a bombing raid.

The reason apparently was because Churchill believed it would cause mass panic and it would shatter people’s religious views.

Reports of sightings of UFOs peaked in 1996 in the UK – when science fiction drama The X Files was popular.

The documents also include reports of a famous incident dubbed the “Welsh Roswell” in 1974, where members of the public reported seeing lights in the sky and feeling a tremor in the ground.

Other cases included in the files are:

* A near-miss with an “unidentified object” reported by the captain and first officer of a 737 plane approaching Manchester Airport in 1995.

* A mountain rescue team called to investigate a “crashed UFO” in the Berwyn Mountains in Wales in 1974.

* Attempted break-ins at RAF Rudloe Manor in Wiltshire – sometimes referred to as Britain’s “Area 51” – the US’s secretive desert military base.
* The Western Isles incident, when a loud explosion was reported in the sky over the Atlantic in the Outer Hebrides.
* The 14-minutes of “missing” film relating to the Blue Streak missile test launch in 1964, believed by some to show a “spaceman”.
* A gambler from Leeds who held a 100-1 bet on alien life being discovered before the end of the 20th Century, and who approached the government for evidence to support his claim after the bookmakers refused to pay out. The MoD said it was open-minded about extra-terrestrial life but had no evidence of its existence.

There’s also this article which talks about a scary encounter between Michael Howard and some aliens. It’s believed that the aliens are still receiving counselling.

What though about this photographic evidence taken at Wembley during a 1978 ELO gig?

Turning Japanese?

This comes via “a friend”!

1. The indigenous US car industry is on it’s arse right now.
2. Toyota has long since usurped Detriot’s traditional Big Three.
3. Toyota becomes afflicted by a product-wide accelerator problem.
4. Next, the Prius model develops a braking issue.
5. Hey, only today, the Corolla in the States has a steering problem.
6. The world’s media buys it in full.
7. US politicians start to demand answers.
8. Moody’s threatens to downgrade Toyota stocks on supposition alone.
9. Professional engineers are frankly astonished. Toyota’s products and practices are a global byword in the car industry and beyond and for three such unrelated design incidences to arise in quick succession really beggars belief.
10. Oh yes, I almost forgot – America is home to the CIA and The Original Dirty Trick.

Sir Faul McCartney?

Ever heard of William Campbell?

What about Philip Ackrill?

Who they?

They are names put forward as “replacements” for Paul McCartney in one of the longest running and persistent conspiracy theories of the modern age. The story goes that the “real” Paul died in September 1966 (or if you prefer 1969) and that he was immediately replaced by a doppelganger.


Philip Ackrill was actually a guitarist in Denny Laine’s band the Diplomats in the early 60’s before Laine joined the Moody Blues and more famously later, Wings. Apparently no-one can account for Ackrill after his Diplomats time (cue music from Outer Limits)

Denny and the Diplomats with Ackrill/McCartney (front left)

Denny and the Diplomats with Ackrill/McCartney (front left)

William Campbell supposedly won a Paul McCartney lookalike competition in Canada shortly before Paul’s “death”

The video below which seems to have been recorded by the speaking clock on her day off, illustrates some of the quite bizarre “evidence” put forward to support the story. This includes the almost inevitable playing of part of an interview backwards.

THIS SITE has all the supporting evidence in one place from who was the walrus? to holding mirrors up to the Sergeant Peppers cover.

Then to top it all there is THIS ARTICLE which claims that not only has Philip Ackrill been posing as Paul McCartney for over 40 years but that until 1995 he also pretended to be Vivian Stanshall. It also claims that Brian Epstein died at the same time as McCartney and was also “replaced”!

So, is there even a germ of truth in all this?

I think not, but I’ll give it some thought as I read my Sunday Sport.

Conspiracy Theories

It seems we’re all controled by the Illuminati. Interesting viewing but somehow I can’t imagine that Tony and Saddam ever shared a drink down the lodge (both 33rd degree Masons you know)