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Adverts on WordPress

Can I just apologise to readers please? Friend and regular correspondent Glade Rover informs me of the horror of being confronted by some ad for Robbie Williams at the end of a recent post about Nelson Mandela.

I have no control over the ads that appear and I’m certainly not going to take the payment option to have them removed.

It’s Your Other (Inter)national Drink!

I took this photo on the outskirts of Nottingham at lunchtime today…..


Irn Bruwski

The Scottish soft drink hits Russia!

More from Retronaut


The Irn Dug

I spotted this Irn Bru lorry in Glasgow this morning. As a regular observer of Scottish refereeing, this is not just funny – it’s spot on!


Ah cannae get the matches tae light!

It was a quote from a TV advert in the 1980s for Scottish Bluebell matches where a hapless Scots soldier is trying to get a cannon to fire on the battlefield. The answer is “Ya dunderheid (non complimentary Scots term for a numpty) Ah telt ye, ye should have used Scottish Bluebell!”

I searched Youtube to see if the ad was there but sadly nae luck.

I thought it would sum up perfectly the current hapless efforts of our international football team.

To be fair, at the time of that ad, the Scotland team was full of international class players from the likes of Liverpool,Arsenal and Manchester United as well as some from the Old Firm and Scotland’s top sides of the time, Aberdeen and Dundee United.

Now we’re relying on guys from Hull City and Blackburn Rovers.

Strachan must be wondering what he’s done taking on the job.

Anyway, before I get too maudlin about that, check out this series of Scottish TV adverts from 1985 which I found on my unsuccessful search. The quality isn’t all that good but have a look at the Ricky Fulton/Gordon Kennedy McEwans Lager ad and also the ones for William Lows and the Briggait (Closed Tuesday).


Just to balance things, it seems that the South Korean folks are upsetting folks in the west too……


Korean car maker Kia has faced calls from MPs to rename its new Provo concept car because the name was also used to refer to the Provisional IRA.

Unionist MPs have demanded a rethink and that Kia give the car a title which is “not associated with terror and mayhem”.

Kia insists the name comes from “provoke”, and said in a statement that it would not market any future car as a Provo in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

A prototype of the planned super-mini sports coupe was revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland earlier.

The carmaker claimed the “sleek, low, yet muscular coupe-style” design was “meant to be cheeky and cheerful in its compactness and to hint at the fun awaiting on the open road”.

But Democratic Unionist Party MPs Gregory Campbell (East Londonderry) and William McCrea (South Antrim) claimed the name has caused “deep offence”.

In a Commons motion the MPs said: “This name has caused deep offence given that the Provisional IRA were known as the Provos when they were murdering and bombing in Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK, as well as in Germany, where the name is supposed to have been chosen.”

The motion called on Kia to reconsider the name.

The carmaker is not the first to upset people with an unfortunate choice of name for a model.

In Spanish, Chevy’s Nova means “doesn’t go” and Mazda’s LaPuta translates as “the whore”.

From Sky News

I’m just waiting for the Nissan Numpty and the Skoda Scunner.

Oh Dear!

Probably not since this:


has there been an advert which has turned out to be so ill advised……


Dylan Pops Up

Mike Scott tweets this pic from the ‘meatpacking district’ of New York:

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a pop up shop is a short lived occupancy of a vacant shop in order to promote a product, service or politician over a short period of time. I found this which confirms that Dylan Pop Up Shops are not just a USA phenomenon:

Here is the very video referred to:


Those of you with Spotify can hear the whole album here

I’m listening to Tempest as I type and the overriding impression I get is that despite the very well crafted and produced songs, His Bobness’s voice is truly fecked. Each syllable seems like a real effort, particularly on the more up tempo numbers. He can still turn out a lyric mind you.

Listening further, the Muddy Waters/Bo Diddley influenced “Early Roman Kings” seems to suit the Dylan growl.

Just looking at the track listing here, the next track is over nine minutes long!

But hold on, what’s this? the track after that (the title track) is six seconds short of fourteen minutes!

I suppose that if Bob Dylan can’t indulge himself then who can?

The final track is a tribute to Lennon, “Roll on John”.

More than probably any other artist, people will have to listen to this album and form their own opinions.