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    "Updated every day with doses of good humour, political satire, a running commentary on the progress of author's home football team and his life."

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    "Utter pish! Keep it up, I love it!"

    "People may also find the Ben Lomond Free Press blog illuminating, interesting and/or amusing. It’s not mentalist as such but familiar themes emerge. I particularly like accounts of encounters with strange elementals (of course! ELEmentals!) from elfin safety. And the fact that the blog is run by someone who plays in a blues band called Harmonica Lewinsky."

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I can’t believe I’m 54!

Still play in a blues band though!


Enjoy my blog!

19 Responses

  1. Nice to find this Blog as I now live in the Vale although born a son of the rock.
    Being a good bit older than you I recall great days at Boghead with Hughie Gallacher etc.
    Also recall seeing Muddy Watters band for less than fifty pence(ten bob) in Scott street in Glasgow in about
    1971. Never seen better. Had to leave early for last train.

  2. Derek
    Welcome aboard and thanks for your comment. I wish I’d seen Muddy play. Can you remember the venue’s name?

  3. it was “the maryland” originally jazz club but became beat club

  4. You might be interested in checking out cyrilsgleans.com.

    i am having quite a bit of fun exploring your web.

    Nice to see there are some working brains abouts..

    Thank You..

    Don.. Charleston, SC.. USA

    Kirkwood Elementry, Swingset Major

  5. Great Blog here. Love the name of your band, Harmonica Lewinskys. I worked with a great Harmonica player in one of my films. He is called Don Baker and is Ireland’s greatest blues singer and harmonica player who also happens to be an excellent actor. More on him at donbaker.ie or see him act in my film Underworld at ironmountainmovies.com
    I just came back from a weekend in Scotland at the Loch Lomond youth soccer festival in Stirling University. Had a great time with my Gallic brothers! In my opinion an independent Scotland would be of great benefit to Europe.

  6. Don Baker is great Ronan.

    I’ve had a wee look at your blog too and I’ll be a visitor now.

    Welcome aboard!

  7. november 14-2009
    I grew up in Ben Lomond,California.
    wikipedia says that it means “beacon peak” in Gaelic.
    I wonder if that’s true.
    I always thought Ben was a man with the last name of Lomond,oops!
    I would appreciate your knowledge,opinion.
    I’m writing about my early years.I would like to be correct on what I write about.
    Denise Aldelia Ward
    Soquel, California

  8. Lovely to hear from you Denise. I never knew that there was a Ben Lomond in California but I’ve just checked and it seems it’s a fairly small place.

    I imagine settlers from these parts would have given your town its charming name which more accurately translates to Beacon Hill or Mountain.

    Loch (Lake) Lomond, one of the most scenic and beautiful in Scotland takes its name from the hill.

    You may be surprised to learn that the Ben is only about 25 minutes by car from Scotland’s biggest city Glasgow. It is a “Munro” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munro which is the name given to any hill or mountain over 3,000 feet in Scotland.

    There is plenty info and pictures on the net but please contact me if you need further info.

    • thank you for info.on my lunch break now but will check out link tonight.yes Ben Lomond calif is beautiful,redwood trees-san lorenzo river runs through it.all of it!
      i’ll get back again after i peek at link
      thanks again

  9. p.s. w have a Loch Lomond dam also…………..

  10. I wonder if Ben Lomond, California were named by the same people who named Dumbarton Point on San Francisco Bay.

  11. I heard the song ,not to bad at all.Could do with a better photo of ben Bouie though I’ll see what I can do.

  12. Hi Mr Ryan, thanks for the link to your bloggie. I will take some time to acquaint myself with all the stuff on here when work isn’t in the way! Life is like that isn’t it! Work really gets in the way sometimes!!

    I love the name of your band by the way, the music is great and the name made me laugh out loud. You haven’t changed much in 30 years although the grey hair (me too!) makes you look kindly.

    • Johnnie, Great to hear from you. I wonder if you remember one day as young sales reps in London, my getting a new Ford Cortina. We were out in it one day and pulling out of a side street when we saw a rather fetching looking lass and both simultaneously looked round at the pleasant view. Unfortunately her presence meant I hadn’t seen the old gent in his Volvo tootling along which I proceeded to damage to the extent of several hundred quid. I thought you weren’t going to stop laughing for weeks!

      • I remember it well Rabbie, the incident not the girl(!). After I got made redundant by the bar stewards I went skiing for two weeks and on the drive back into the office I wrote the car off (I drove into a bollard whilst changing the cassette in the Corteeeena! That showed ’em, the jumped up little squirts that they were! Anyway, busy weekend ahead, lunch at old school tomorrow, 18th on Sunday and a family gathering too. Hence, I need to put up me feet on’t sofa for the evening and call the local chinese to deliver me a crispy Donald! have a great weekend geez!

  13. Sadly, I remember the girl! (green coat and curly blonde!)

    Enjoy yer weekend!

  14. Hi, nice to meet you !

  15. Hi Big Rab

    I am organising a bloggers event for my (very) scottish client and would like to invite you along. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on to give you more details?


  16. Hi, BIg Rab, I also, like you do “funny songs” as well as serious one.(I posted ” Glasgow” sad sonng video). Have a song gonna break in 40+countries!! soon, on a CD. If ya get time , check oot “Shuggy Dylan” =)
    ps loved the K McKenzie song

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