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The Man Who Fell to Perth

Oh my! What a stushie David Bowie has caused by saying, via Kate Moss, “And Scotland, stay with us.” at the end of his/her acceptance speech at some mind numbing award ceremony of the type that I, or indeed anyone with an IQ higher than that of a geranium, would never watch.

Good luck to him, he’s expressing a view and I’m sure he’s an intelligent man. The view is probably sincerely held. He hasn’t sermonised about it, he simply made a brief remark.

It’s the people who have resorted to social media venting their spleen about Bowie that I worry about.


4 Responses

  1. For goodness sake if all these acid drops are so sure of their beliefs why do they feel threatened when people disagree? Bully tactics will achieve nothing, actually , if that’s the attitude of snp supporters then maybe we’d be ‘safer’ in the union.

    • Social media nutters are not limited to advocates of Scottish independence, and to infer that people should allow their decision regarding a serious constitutional matter to be influenced by a few dozen zoomers on Twitter is disturbing enough in itself.

  2. Cannot believe the bile and vitriol that one guy’s short sentence has elicited from a mob who ardently insist they aren’t “anti-English” or bigoted in their views … and that on the back of two disgustingly racist vids featuring Glasgow’s finest

    Aye, the world is seeing a rich cultural view of Caledonia this week

    When Alan Cummings, Sean Connery and Brian Cox make pro-indy comments their absence from Scotland, political leanings, or chequered pasts are convenienently ignored

    If Rod Stewart made a YES statement, he’d be a hero

    I wonder if Nelson Mandela had deigned to comment would he have been told to mind his own fukken business, as Bowie so rudely was on his site today

    It’s heating up, and that’s not a good prospect for rational discourse

  3. This will be the same David Bowie who hasn’t “stay(ed) with us” for years, yes? [See what I did there?] Poor guy’s living in a tin can and trying to hold back changes. The Scottish flag is blue and there’s nothing he can do but look for fame. (That’s enough – ed.)

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