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Can someone remind me please?

In the light of Jose Manuel Barroso’s recent comments that it would be ‘All but impossible’ for Scotland to join the EU as a new member state, I’m in need of a reminder.

Can someone remind me how impossible it was for East Germany to join both West Germany and the EU? I can’t remember myself but the way that the EU high heid yins are going on it must have taken years……


19 Responses

  1. Well, I think that is simply because East Germany was integrating INTO West Germany with the result the the existing member of the EU (Germany) just got bigger.

    In Scotland’s case, they are proposing to LEAVE the UK and become an independent country; which in time would need to apply for EU membership in its own right.

    • But the existing member of the EU was West Germany. The new state was Germany, an amalgam of West and East Germany. The Eastern part of the new country had severe deficits when it came to complying with EU legislation. However it was all waved through without so much as a by your leave.

      • Germany was not a new state; at most, it just changed its name. Germany did not leave an existing state.

        • West Germany was the state which joined the EU. After unification it was re-named Germany. It then incorporated within its new borders 16 million people who had until that point lived in a country which would have failed almost every single benchmark required for EU membership. Scotland complies with all the qualifications for membership and its inhabitants are already citizens of the EU. Should they decide in September to change the way they are governed in a constitutional referendum agreed by the prime minister of a member state, then I fail to understand why this would not be respected by the EU.

    • There appears to be only 3 levels of reply in WordPress, so I respond to bigrab’s Feb 19th 11:01 here:

      Scotland as an independent country would not comply for membership until it has a currency which has been in an ERM for three years.

  2. But……
    Scotland is already inside the EU.
    East Germany was outside.

  3. I guess if East Germany ceded from Germany they would be in a similar position.

    Scotland wanting to keep sterling muddies the waters somewhat as I imagine that a pre-condition of re-joining the EU would be the adoption of the Euro.

    • Why don’t they just say that then?

      • I imagine they will if that’s what Scotland chooses to do, but at the moment they are digging their heels in expecting automatic re-admittance.

        Regarding evidence, which bit of my post are you referring to, Rab?

  4. There’s also the problem of Scotland moving from being a net-contributor to a net-beneficiary to the EU, at least initially. This would result in increased contributions by the contributor states. This is not an insurmountable problem I’m sure but I haven’t seen this addressed by the “yes” lobby.

  5. Evidence? Well all this is a matter of opinion and conjecture isn’t it? We don’t even have evidence that Scotland will leave the UK yet.

    Having said that it seems that the SNP did indeed state in their white paper that they would consider Scotland a net contributor but would also apply for a CAP rebate.

    How this will affect the final outcome is unclear. It’s difficult to get any reliable recent contribution figures.

    In any case, as I say, I don’t think it’s a big problem and it’s all moot anyway if Scotland aren’t accepted.

  6. Hmm, Barroso…is this the EU guy who along with Herman Van Rompuy keeps getting into a lather over Scottish accession whilst simultaneously being part of an institution which has assiduously fanned the deathly flames in Ukraine ?

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