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Now it’s an addiction

I’ve done a bit of reading about it and it seems that Google auto complete is, as I thought, based on the number of people who have searched for a particular term.

Bearing that in mind, what about this?


Ask me another

Being somewhat intrigued by Google’s auto complete suggestion (see previous post) I thought I’d try to see what other strange ideas might be lurking in the annals of the search engine.

Starting with the letter ‘a’, I asked ‘Can Scotland….a’ and quite reasonably got the following suggestions.

scotaI worked through the letters and they were all in a similar vein.

Until I got to ‘e’………..



Currency Confection

Having read Mark Carney’s thoughts about an independent Scotland continuing to use the pound, I thought I’d check something out.

Several committed Yes voters have pointed out to me that Sterling is a reserve currency and as such can be used by any country who would wish to do so. The idea was apparently mooted in Hong Kong before they decided on a Hong Kong dollar pegged to the US dollar, much in the same way that Denmark’s currency is pegged to the Euro.

I wanted to find out about the inevitable difficulties which would ensue from an independent Scotland simply adopting Sterling without a formal currency union. I decided to ask Google the question ‘Could Scotland use the pound as a reserve currency?’

The auto complete suggestions were getting the idea until I got to the word ‘reserve’


City Slickers

I didn’t see the 5-1 victory of Manchester City over Spurs last night but their impressive form continues.

I recall when I was in London more than 30 years ago (1979-80) going to see City play at White Hart Lane. That season City finished 17th in the old first division and it was their North London opponents who had the star players – Ardiles, Villa, Hoddle, Jennings, Perryman etc. Mind you Spurs only managed 14th place despite such a playing staff. Spurs as I recall won 2-1 on that occasion.

I really can’t see how anyone is going to stop City on their march to the title. They are a very impressive outfit; bankrolled by UAE billionaire Sheikh Mansour who is paying his squad of players £233m a year according to City’s last published figures.

To put these figures into some sort of perspective, the entire annual turnover of the club I support wouldn’t even approach City’s wage bill, (£639,000) for a single day.

Glasgow 2014 (2)

Also spotted yesterday in my stroll around the Barras…..


For balance, a friend, seeing the photo last night, offered this one which he took in India a few years ago…..



Glasgow 2014

I suppose the heading suggests the Commonwealth Games.

One wonders if the competitors or overseas visitors will avail themselves of this delicacy on offer in an eatery I spotted today a mere few hundred metres from some of the venues….


A piece of comedy….or tragedy?

If they do, there’s a tantalising sweet menu a few doors down


With the news of the economy’s recovery ringing in my ears, I looked around.

The Barras was like Paddy’s Market…….

Idle Chat


The longest ever exhibition title?

The North Korean News Agency doesn’t contain much news these days (so what’s new?) but it currently carries news of an exhibition with an infeasibly long title:


Some of the exhibits have similarly unwieldy names. You can check them out by clicking on the above image.

Yeo must be joking

Tim Yeo, chairman of the energy committee is a Conservative MP.

He entered parliament in 1983, and whilst surviving various controversies about ‘love children’ (2 of them) and expenses, has been there ever since.

Despite an apparent conflict of interest with his energy committee position, Yeo picks up £140,000 a year from green energy firms to promote their growth. He seems quite happy that the public should foot the bill to maintain his earner.

He is such an advocate of green energy that it came as quite a surprise when he vigorously opposed the erection of turbines at Chedfield. As he had previously advocated the building of wind farms in every available square metre of land this was surely a curious departure? Until you consider that Chedfield is in Mr Yeo’s constituency and near where he lives

I’m not sure what part Mr Yeo took in the privatisation of the electricity companies in 1988 under Margaret Thatcher and then energy secretary Cecil Parkinson, but it was surely in the role of enthusiastic supporter of his party’s policy of wishing to sell off every government owned asset that wasn’t nailed down. Former Tory PM Harold McMillan referred to the process as ‘Selling off the family silver’.

Yesterday Mr Yeo, in his role of committee chairman summoned up every ounce of mock indignation he could muster to berate power company bosses. These are people who would not be in their positions had privatisation not taken place.

“You are putting profit before customer!” he boomed, pausing only to check his angle with the TV cameras.

Now correct me if I’m wrong. Wasn’t that the whole point of privatising power companies in the first place?


Five Star

From the Sons on Saturday!