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Indelible Stupidity?

I never had the urge to get a tattoo. Perhaps it was the early influence of my father. When I was but a nipper, a neighbour, a middle-aged man who had been in the navy had lots of tattoos. As his skin had stretched with age, the tattoos had blurred accordingly.

“Don’t ever get a tattoo son or you’ll end up looking like that” was the old man’s take on things. As I looked upon the man whose tattoos had turned into a horrible scrawly picture akin to some highly visible blue veins on his limbs and torso, I think I resolved sub consciously never to let anyone with a needle and ink near my skin.

There were kids at school who had home-made tattoos that they did with a pin or needle and some ink. As I got older it was amusing to see some folk with names of ex girlfriends or partners on their arm.

In the last twenty years or so the bloody things have exploded in popularity. David Beckham has a lot to answer for in this respect. However it was another footballer, Ryan Stevenson of Hearts who caught my eye at the weekend….


Why would you want to embellish your skin in this way? I simply can’t understand it. The recent revelation by David Dimblebey that he had got a tattoo to celebrate his 70th birthday proves that the desire is no respector of age, class or intelligence. Maybe Ryan Stevenson is happy with his tattoos and if so, that’s his concern. I doubt if this Jambos fan remains happy with his though:


And does anyone know who Ally Mcoist is?


If any reader is thinking about getting themselves adorned, I’d recommend a wee trip here first.


7 Responses

  1. I always wanted a tattoo-but could never decide what I wanted.My sister passed away at 61 and my nieces made appointments to have the tattoo “I will love you always love you”. One niece on her back,the other on her side.I started regretting I had not made and appointment.I looked on line at Celtic designs and found the one for sister. A hear within the eternity sign. The female tattoo artist said “oh, I can take you,that design will only take 15 minutes.It hurt like hell but not any worse than losing my big sister! My first tattoo at 60.Meaningful, not big in size,but big in meaning.I told everyone I was expressing my Samoan spirit from my grandfathers side, where tattoos are a tradition in their culture.

  2. “I will love you always” correction for previous comment!

  3. Denise I now remember that I’ve written about this before and upset another reader who has tattoos and whose daughter was a tattooist! I suppose it’d be a dull world if we were all the same and I can appreciate why you got yours. I just don’t like ’em!

  4. I saw that picture of the Hearts player too Robert and I was shocked that any sane person could mutilate their own body to such an extent. I see so many footballers with tattoos that extend to their neck and even their faces now. That is OK for David Beckham. He will never have to take a job interview but how are guys like Ryan Stevenson and other minor football players ever going to be taken seriously when looking for work in future? Is he going to turn up for the interview in a “onesie” with the hood up? (Mental picture forming.)

    Call it prejudice if you like but if I was interviewing people for any kind of job with responsibilities then I am afraid I would class applicants like this as being irresponsible. Someone who does that to their own body is clearly incapable of assessing the future consequences. I have a friend in his mid forties who self tattooed the word love or some such on his knuckles (probably through peer pressure) as a young teenager. He turned out to be a very clever guy who has progressed to board level in a corporation. He had to go for laser surgery before that happened. Who is going to take a tattooed numpty seriously in a board room?

    During my own wee rebellious time I grew my hair long back in the sixties and I have nothing against tattoos per se. But long hair can be shortened. Tattoos like those shown above cannot. There are however tattoos and tattoos and if you really feel the need to do it then a simple, small tattoo on a less conspicuous part of the body would be fine by me. I may even get a wee saltire done next year!

  5. Dad had his tattoos when in the army, as young men always had in the past. He was embarrassed by them by the time he reached his 50’s, although most ex-servicemen were likewise adorned. “Never get tattoos,” he said, and he was right. Mind you one on a man’s arm is tolerable, the excess on Stevo’s is just a mess. Any on a woman look bad.

  6. This message is for any woman contemplating post-double-mastectomy reconstruction, or for anyone who loves such a one:

    I had cosmetic tattoos on the breast-like objects my good doctor created, and I’m really sorry I did. Nobody sees them but me and my husband, so it’s not like I’m embarrassed by the public display of the name of an ex-boyfriend or a juvenile obsession on my arm or leg and wish I had gotten something different.

    The problem is that they show through light-weight white or pale shirts, so even though I no longer need a bra, I have to wear a camisole or something on hot summer days when I’d just as soon not have to put on another layer.

    Nobody warned me about this, so I’m determined to share my experience whenever anyone gives me even the slightest opportunity.

    I apologize for any offense or annoyance I may have caused.

    You may return now to your regularly scheduled blog, which is already in progress.

  7. My first holiday with my mates when I was 17 was to Morecambe. We all came out of Davie Jones Locker full of beer and bravado and headed along the front to the tatoo booth in the funfare. The sign on the door read “Closed for Lunch” was met with howls of dismay. Later the same night we met a guy from Dalmuir with a large festering scab on his forearm which was a result of getting a tatoo a few days earlier at that very booth. I settled for getting my ear pierced at the Robin Hood shop in Glasgow. The ‘wrong’ ear I may add!!!

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