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About four weeks ago I started getting pains in my shoulder and neck. Over time it has got more and more painful and uncomfortable. I have a TENS machine which I wrote about here. I actually have the one with four pads and one with two. I had them all on but it was clear that this was a job too far for them.

On my return from Englandshire, I contacted The Lomond Clinic about some physiotherapy because the seizing up had got so bad that I was a danger on the road. When I got to a junction I could only turn to see what traffic was coming with great difficulty.

On Tuesday the physiotherapist, Dee, twisted and turned me, kept firing a contraption which sounded like a toy gun in my neck and stuck several acupuncture needles into me. Whilst it doesn’t inspire you when one hears a physio saying “ooh” “oh dear” and “eeee” when she is examining you, I have to say that Tuesday’s visit, followed by another this morning, has me if not gambolling across a field like a spring lamb, at least able to turn and see a Range Rover at 50 yards.

And now…..hopefully….for a decent night’s sleep!


7 Responses

  1. I sympathize. My left shoulder was seemingly frozen, and my regular doctor sort of dismissed it as bursitis and said, “Take ibupropen three times a day and let me know if it doesn’t improve.”

    He’s usually pretty good but I wasn’t satisfied and checked with my chiropractor, who gave me the most remarkable adjustment I’ve ever experienced — I could actually feel the ball slip back into the joint ever so slightly, and full movement was restored. A few biweekly adjustments later and I was back to my monthly visits. How it got out of whack I’ll never know, but I’m stretching it every chance I get.

    The worst part about this episode was the lack of sleep. Hope you get a good night’s rest and this doesn’t recur!

    • That is such complete and utter uneducated nonsense. Next you will be telling me he popped a “slipped disc” into place. I presume there are no local Witch Doctors near where you live as a first option, but chiropractors, unlike most physiotherapists, are a bunch of charlatans and quacks who exploit gullible people with more endorphins in their body than brain cells. It wasn’t until the late 1960s that chiropractors could even “legitimately” claim to be part of the medical or scientific community, even in Scotchland. I’ll give Rab the benefit of the doubt since allegedly his claimed to be some form of “physio” called Dee with a toy gun and some needles and could say “eeee”, but get a grip both of you and read some medical journals or just google it – if your shoulder permits now that it’s back in it’s socket. Good grief, how embarrassing to be on a forum where someone posts such nonsense.

      • No need to be embarrassed given that you have maintained anonymity you graceless fud.

      • Let me tell you Anonymous, that any time I have reported to my conventional doctor with pain problems relating to my back or neck, he has simply prescribed pain killers. Rearrange the words ‘hopeless than worse!’ The last time I went he looked at my back and said “Ah….Anno Domini” then when I asked if there was anything I could do he shook his head and said “Tempes Fugit”. Other than a refresher course in Latin the appointment was a complete waste of time.
        Dee is a qualified physio but also uses chiropractic techniques and acupuncture. It may be pure coincidence that I am reasonably free of pain for the first time in a month after visiting her but I don’t think so.
        If I take my car into a garage with a fault and the mechanic fixes it, I’m pleased to submit to his expertise. I don’t need to go and read the manual for the car. Similarly I am pleased to report that Dee has helped both me and my wife in recent months with a dramatic improvement in the symptoms we were suffering. A feat that was apparently beyond the man with the medical journal on his shelf……

        • Same for me and my formerly debilitating headaches. All medical doctors could do was prescribe Percodan. After I started seeing a chiropractor, the headaches became a thing of the past.

          The first time I saw my MD after starting chiropractic, he asked about my headaches, noting that I had not asked him for a prescription for Percodan in a long time. I told him I had been seeing a chiropractor and expected him to look at me askance, but he did nothing of the kind. In fact, he happily observed that the results spoke for themselves and I should let him know if my insurance wouldn’t pay for it so he could write me a prescription for regular chiropractic adjustments.

          As a side note, I used to get respiratory ailments seven or eight times a year. Now I can go whole years without having one — just part of what I think of as improved health.

      • “Next you will be telling me he popped a “slipped disc” into place.”

        Don’t be stupid.

  2. PS That should have read, “… ball slip back into the socket.” Sheesh.

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