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Taking Sides?

I haven’t commented much on the Syrian civil war, or as it seems to be playing out, Hezbollah v al Qaeda.

Once again though, I see that the USA and the UK look like they are going to become involved in a foreign war with no clear strategy or plan.

Thank goodness that we have Tony Blair the Middle East Peace Envoy acting on behalf of ‘The Quartet’ (The USA, Russia, The EU and the UN). Surely he will make everyone see sense?


Mind you, maybe we should listen to Tony who has such an impeccable record of involving himself others in military conflicts on a completely false pretext with no real plan an ethical basis on sound intelligence and with a clear strategy.

Now correct me if I’m wrong here because I am a simple soul.

Didn’t the West intervene in Afghanistan as a direct result of the 9/11 attacks, planned and orchestrated by al Qaeda?

Wasn’t this also a reason put forward (as well as the bogus ‘weapons of mass destruction’ excuse) for bombing Iraq and killing thousands of civilians?

al Qaeda were indeed the baddies. They were the enemy of freedom and democracy and had to be defeated at all costs.

Jump forward a decade and now we have Blair, Bill Clinton and John McCain urging Obama and co to arm al Qaeda!

As a free bonus in all of this we get an instant plunge back into the freezer for Cold War II as Russia are funding the Syrian government.

Maybe if Bin Laden was still alive he’d have made the Queen’s birthday honours list?

2 Responses

  1. Don’t forget that prior to 9/11 the Land of Waifs and Strays armed al Qaeda (as it became) – Bin Laden was trained in the USA – and the Taliban to tackle the Soviet troops who had been INVITED into the country by the Afghan leadership to help tackle the insurgent problem.

    Just wait for the next 9/11 – it’s called fucking BLOWBACK buddy, and you deserve it.

    Westerners out of Syria and any other country where the fancy regime change (which is illegal under international law hence the “lies”: WMDs, 9/11 (a CIA-sponsored operation, and, now, chemical weapons).

  2. What happened to the Iraq inquiry report I ask?

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