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Farage Balloon

What a stushie in Edinburgh this week when the bold Nigel found himself at the centre of a small but vocal protest against his visit to Scotland.

He threw the toys out of the pram and then later (see video in the link above) Mr Angry style, slammed the phone down on a BBC Scotland interviewer.

This blog’s opinion on Farage and UKIP has been made clear on several occasions and it isn’t complimentary. However maybe some more light than heat should be shed on him and his party.

For instance their economic and immigration policies are completely bonkers just don’t add up and are very sparse on detail. Perhaps a Paxman/Mair challenge to them would show Mr Farage up as what he is than some boisterous students venting their spleen and Farage benefiting from public sympathy from the exchange.

And also maybe there should be a debate on the issues where Farage and UKIP have a point like the recent EU commissioner for justice who is a convicted fraudster.

Like the backhanders received by unelected slimeballs like Barroso, Prodi and Mandelson. Barroso spent a week on Spiro Latsis’s luxury yacht – a jolly valued at 30,000 euros. Barroso’s predecessor Prodi approved 10 million of Greek state aid to the company owned by Latsis after accepting generous hospitality from the magnate.

Still Greece can afford it.

Mandelson’s love of hospitality from those who can secure influence from him is an article on its own.

These things shouldn’t deflect focus on Farage. He is very good at grandstanding and the Edinburgh exchange will have been right up his street. Where he is not so good is at handling awkward questions as evidenced by the short BBC Scotland interview.

That would seem to be the way to puncture the balloon.


2 Responses

  1. Comments in the ‘Daily Mail’ show his esteem has risen! After all Scotland is sucking the DM readers dry I suppose…..

  2. A new (to me) word — cool!

    Stushie: noun (Scottish) 1. a commotion, rumpus, or row. 2. a state of excitement or anxiety; a tizzy. Also called: stooshie, stoushie. Word Origin (C19): perhaps shortened from ecstasy.

    I learn so much here!

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