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An Eejit Speaks

Just to prove that the Tories don’t have a monopoly on having eejits in their leadership, Mr Milibean has opened his mouth and allowed his belly to rumble on another subject.


The full article is here.

I’m just waiting to hear Labour’s plans for closing stable doors to address the escaped horse problem. For years, generations even political decisions, planning policy and resulting consumer habit have led to the demise of High Streets. There is nothing left in High Streets for butchers, bakers and fruiterers because the supermarkets have taken it all. Simply by disallowing applications from certain types of business is not going to create a demand for others.

Milibean’s idea is akin to putting make up and lipstick on a corpse.

To really address the problem, he should be looking at a moratorium on the building of supermarkets.

There is as much chance of that as shit from an escaped rocking horse.


One Response

  1. We have the same eedjit problem in the states, all due to ignoranus politicians being in thrall to The Invisible Hand of the Marketplace. “Let the markets decide,” they say, “because freedom,” and their campaign coffers swell accordingly.

    Meanwhile, the people they are elected to serve are living in towns whose Main Streets look a lot like your High Streets: shuttered local businesses downtown and big box stores on the outskirts.

    The book “Fast Food Nation” describes the phenomenon very well.

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