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Waiter! There’s a fetlock in my lasagne!

I could eat a horse…

I mean what a story.

I’m glad I didn’t take those shares in Findus recently.

Instead I put my money on a horse.

Several points arise here.

Flogging a dead horse?

Until last week I’d have thought that I was probably the most significant purveyor of horse meat in Dumbarton. The ingredient list in pet food is sufficiently vague when it says ‘meat and animal derivatives’.

However it would seem that Asda have outdone me.

This is the ingredient list of a Findus lasagne:


No vagueness there – it most certainly says ‘beef’. I wonder if the cheese is actually mascarpony?

Every so often I receive a visit from Trading Standards. They check the ingredient list of many products in my shop. They are particularly interested in the ingredients of foods that I sell under our own brand. A  reputable pet and horse food(!) company produce them for us.

The Trading Standards lads and lassies are the only ones who really bother to any great extent about ingredient lists, however my staff and I are aware of certain things as some dogs suffer from common allergies and we can recommend certain foods.

I can only imagine the stushie in the pet trade if a product which claimed to be wheat gluten free was found to contain wheat for example. Or if a food item which claimed to be hypo allergenic turned out not to be.

My Lidl Pony

And yet here we have huge multi national food companies labelling human food as one thing when it is entirely another. Trading Standards officials nationwide will surely be at risk of coronaries!

All companies which have produced and sold mis-labelled products will face enormous fines and some of them may not survive this.

For Findus and Burger King this is their Ratner moment I guess. Tesco/Asda et al will ride out the storm because there is really no alternative to supermarkets is there?

Although to be fair, Morrisons are actually much more involved in the production of the food they sell than Asco and Tesda.

The tip of the iceberg has only just come in to view here. Expect in the coming weeks for more food horror stories to appear.

McMuffin the Mule?

For instance one of the treats we sell for dogs are dried pigs ears. There were none available for a while in 2012 and this was down to two reasons: 1) They are a delicacy in China and 2) They are one of the main ingredients in McDonalds sausage (sausage and egg McMuffin)

I predict though that the next scandal will involve chicken nuggets , chicken burgers and possibly pre packed salads – I’ve heard that they might contain horseradish….


4 Responses

  1. “So far the inquiry has determined that the supplier of a Luxembourg factory was France’s Poujol group, which bought frozen meat from a Cypriot trader, who had sub-contracted the order to a trader in the Netherlands, Hamon said in an e-mailed statement today. The Dutch trader bought the meat from Romania.”

    This is surely your beloved EU in all its glory?

  2. For years food manufacturers have been getting away with murder. No government will stand up to them. I predict a variety of donations to political parties coming up.

  3. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, what DO people think goes into these industrialy prepared foods? Horse meat is probably the LEAST offensive of the ingredients. My neighbour, a chef, assures me that most hamburgers are made from ‘lips and arseholes’

    • Indeed Tam. However consumer law operates on an axis of two pieces of legislation, namely the Trades Descriptions Act 1968 and the Sale of Goods Act 1979. This mislabelling has driven a coach and horses (sic) through them. The TDA as a strict liability piece of legislation and ‘Tort Law’, lays companies open not only to criminal prosecution but also to civil law cases which consumers may care to bring. CEOs and directors will be bricking it nationwide.

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