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Picture Quiz

Who’s this?

And why did she become famous more than 20 years ago?



12 Responses

  1. A Chelsea stripper.

  2. Ah James – you’ve got it.

  3. Please explain – I think she’s yummy.

  4. Lenin …

    David Mellor thought her yummy too!

  5. Well James if she’d go there I must be in with a chance. (Fifty bucks, please.)

    C’mon now Biggus Rabbus, think of a reason (if you need one) to post piccies of Pamella Bordes.

  6. She appears to have been ridden hard and put away wet, as the saying goes.

  7. I miss seeing this sort of woman sitting outside Thomson The Bakers in Dumbarton.

  8. Okay Roberto, what’s the story? Please explain for those of us who were not hanging out in Chelsea or reading the Sun 20 years ago.

    • She’s Antonia de Sancha Tam, an actress who had a brief but highly publicised affair with then cabinet minister David Mellor. Mellor was a Chelsea fan and obviously his fantasy was to bed one of the players in their workclothes but Antionia it would seem was the next best thing.

      I found the story on the Mail Online. I notice that Roy Greenslade in the Guardian yesterday morning expressed his distaste for the Mail (nothing wrong with that of course) for publishing ‘unflattering pictures’ of La de Sancha and slates them for ‘humiliating’ her.

      Just to make sure that readers get the whole context, he reproduces the story and er….the most humiliating of the pictures.


      • Hi Rab,

        I read the Greenslade article, and then loaded the comments, scrolled down a wee bit from the top and found this glorious rant by ‘Heasgarnich’
        If I recall my journalism history properly, the Daily Fail was established as a newspaper for women. What it is nowadays is clearly a newspaper of two halves – you read stories on the shitty website that aren’t in the paper, and are clearly designed to drag in those who Google their news (for example, they don’t have a fetish for the Kardashians, they just know what’ll drag people in), and what’s fascinating/frightening is *who* actually comments on the website. Clue: they’re not the sort who will get their letters published in the paper.

        But, to be brutal, the Daily Mail writes these articles to serve two functions. One, it’s designed to shame someone. We can see that. We can see it in the unflattering picture above. Shock horror, woman who was in her twenties nearly three decades ago is OLDER. Look at that SLAG what shagged David Mellor! Look at her GREASY HAIR. Look at her LINED SKIN and her AWFUL EXPRESSION. The second reason is something a bit more subtle, but even worse – reinforcing an idea that if you’re a woman, you’re expected to live a saintly life, that you have to grow up and get married and possibly go to Uni and wear lots of shift dresses (the uniform of the c**tish middle class) and give up your career to spit out row after row of children and then live quietly in your husband’s shadow until some minor public official enrages you so you can have your glorious moment standing in a Mail photoshoot with your arms folded and looking like you’ve just found the town tramp fingering your kitten. And god help you if you don’t live that life. God help you indeed, if you want to be famous – the Mail doesn’t give a shit about privacy. Every famous woman is a whore for them to pimp out for the discerning shitty reader, every antic you get up to or every tragedy you endure – no matter how painful or horrifying or traumatic – can be used to get clicks on their website. A female celebrity – be it a Media git like that Kardashian clown or even the nicest of the nice (ie, Mary Berry) – is a commodity to them. And what drives this? Is demand. And where does the demand come from? A pathetic, seedy, shit-faced useless cunting class of humanity who thrive on reading about scandals decades old and revelling in the “downfall” of XYZ woman or man.

        The Daily Mail isn’t the media titan it makes itself out to be. Maybe it was…before the Internet explosion of the late 1990s. There was a time when the Mail journalists were a somewhat feared bunch. Now, like all journalists, they’re seen as anal parasites in the rectum of humanity and nothing more than a chore. The more people like us report on the news and create our own content independent of the influence of the media industry, the less relevant this pathetic, sexist, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, useless fucking rag becomes.

        thumbs up to the boy. Or gal.

  9. Thanks Ken. Aye agree with most of that. Mea Culpa, I published the picture too but deliberately didn’t choose the one chosen by Greensldae or his editor. I genuinely just wondered if anyone would recognise her from the photo.
    I don’t think she looks too bad.
    Apart from the fag.
    And the coat.

  10. Glad to know it wasn’t just my lack of recognizing faces that made me miss this one. 🙂

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