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Windfarms and Windbags

This newspaper advert was placed by Donald Trump a few months ago.

He took out the full-page advert with a picture of 11 rusting and redundant wind turbines, under the headline “Welcome to Scotland!”

The advert proclaimed: “Alex Salmond wants to build 8,750 of these monstrosities – just think about it!”

The advert carried a footnote stating “photo not taken in Scotland” and it later emerged that the turbines featured in the advert had been photographed at a redundant wind-farm site at Kamaoa in Hawaii.

In a ruling, issued today, the ASA upheld complaints by Scottish Renewables that the advert gave a misleading impression of the possible consequences of the Scottish Government’s wind-turbines plan and the type of turbines likely to be used in Scotland, as well as exaggerating the Scottish government’s estimate for offshore wind-farm developments.

The authority also ordered the billionaire owner of the Menie golf resort in Aberdeenshire not to run the advert again in its current form. The tycoon and the Communities Against Turbines Scotland (Cats) have also been told to ensure that the pictures they use in future adverts reflect the types of turbines likely to be used in Scotland, and “not to exaggerate” the number of turbines likely to be installed.

(Text – The Scotsman)

I wrote here about my visit to the Whitelee Wind Farm which elicited some lively discussion . There must have been something in my subconscious, because after choosing my post title here, I recalled this post by AnElephantCant.

Then there’s this possible alternative to supposedly unsightly turbines.

I simply don’t know what to believe about so called renewables. I want to believe in them, I really do. It seems completely logical to try to harness the power of wind and wave, particularly in Scotland where these natural resources are so abundant.

And yet, and yet……when I speak to people with an engineering or scientific background they are often sceptical of the benefits and express the view that it is the subsidies which have led to more wind farm development rather than any genuine benefit to the environment. They go with the Trump line that turbines are ugly and inefficient. There’s an implicit argument that government enthusiasm for wind power is fuelled (sic) purely by emission targets. It’s window dressing and box ticking.

There seem to be figures which back up the pro and anti arguments and to be honest, the more I listen to both sides, the more confusing the whole thing becomes.

However anything which pisses off the Donald can’t be all bad I suspect.


4 Responses

  1. Trump lying eh? Possibly he needs to employ that nice Mr Green to get some positive publicity? What?…oh!

    I’m with you, these sound a good idea but cost us too much already for what benefit they bring. In the end we import power from France – made by nuclear power, and that is the only way to provide enough for the nations needs at the moment.

    Of course we could turn things off more often….

  2. One day I will get this wordpress to log me on properly……

  3. As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Me, I’m looking to tidal and wave power. They are not dependent on the weather and have a much lower profile.

  4. I think Donald trump should keep his greedy little hands off of Scotland and any other country besides his own.We have to own him because he’s an American but please Donald , don’t spread your shit around.We’ll just have to pay to clean it up later with some damn bailout of some sort. The differences of other countries is why I go to visit them.i don’t want Scotland to look like USA,shit,I want to see the windmills, the doors,the fields,the whatever ISN”T in the states.So there you have it ,my opinion.Stay home where we can watch you DOnald. We have enough to be embarrassed about,leave this one alone.

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