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King of Irony

I’ve just been reading this article at the Mail Online about the latest episode in the Rangers farrago

I’m thinking of the people mentioned in the article. Dave King, David Murray,Craig Whyte, Paul Murray, Charles Green etc. I don’t know about a used car, I wouldn’t risk buying a penny caramel from any of them.

Did I mention Duff and Phelps?

Anyway I noticed this photo and caption:

And was struck by the physical resemblance between Charles Green and Paul Murray.

The best bit of the article though was Dave King’s assertion that:

‘I am opposing the CVA and urge all loyal fans to do the same,’ he said.

‘We don’t want to be back in a similar situation next season. I also believe all true Rangers fans should not buy any season tickets until full and frank disclosure has been provided by Duff & Phelps, Mr Green, and Mr Whyte, as to what is truly going on behind the scenes.’

King invested £20m in Rangers when Sir David Murray owned the club. He announced plans to sue Murray for the cash in March, citing ‘non disclosure’ of the true financial position 12 years ago.

King is currently being pursued for £227 million by the South African Revenue Service.


I’m sure though, that in Mr King’s case, there will not have been any failure to disclose his true financial position.

United in Diverstity

Or if you prefer, Ενωμένοι στην πολυμορφία, is the motto of the EU.

It is a noble sentiment indeed and typically for the EU it’s an oxymoron.

Here is how the concept is currently playing out in Greece (the subtitles are a bit phonetic, but understandable)

Meanwhile, Angela Merkel has a clear vision for Europe to emerge from the sovereign debt crisis.

It’s austerity.

And closer political and fiscal union leading to a single European state.

We’re doomed.