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I fought the law…..

Thank goodness that justice has prevailed.

Thank goodness that the UK Supreme Court stepped in to order a retrial.

Thank goodness that Nat Fraser’s conviction for murder has been exposed as a huge miscarriage of justice the verdict in the Fraser murder trial is the same as it was first time around.

Money well spent I say and hurrah! for the Supreme Court

What a complete waste of time and money.

Is Fraser’s appeal in yet?

Tommy – The continuing Soap Opera

So the Prime Minister’s former press secretary Andy Coulson has been charged with committing  perjury at the Sheridan trial in 2010.

Pants on fire. Coulson goes to Govan.

All good and well, he almost certainly did.

Many folk including Tommy himself are now speculating that Tommy would probably win an appeal against his own conviction on the grounds that News International had a conspiracy against him.

It seems clear that Murdoch and co were out to get Sheridan but………

As I wrote here Coulson was a witness for the defence, called by Sheridan himself. Tommy didn’t as far as I can recall, challenge any of the evidence presented by the News of the World but rather he challenged the methods by which it was obtained.

Coulson’s replies would seem to be the reason for him being charged.

So I am confused. How can a convicted perjurer claim that his conviction is unsound because one of his own witnesses lied at his trial?

And how does the fact that at least one of Tommy’s witnesses lied mean that somehow he (Tommy) didn’t?

I don’t know the answer to that but if there are any legal bods looking in, you may be able to elucidate.

The Glorious Twelfth?

I read this piece in the Telegraph this morning.

Specifically I noted that:

And there was me thinking that any cooling off period around Ibrox was usually AFTER July 12!

More Bru ha ha

Irn Bru’s latest

How was your view at lunch yesterday?

This was mine:

The family and I dined al fresco on the shore at Inchconnachan.

That’s the island inhabited by wallabies.

The wee boat is the one I bought a couple of weeks ago. It’s about thirty years old and I paid just over a grand for it and the trailer. There is a prep area at Balloch slipway where folks get their boats ready for the loch or the road. It is fair to say that in the collection of cabin cruisers speedboats and jet skis, my wee boat is pretty ‘umble. I’m not bothered at all, it’s absolutely fine for me.

However one does wonder where guys apparently in their 20s/30s get the dough for a £45k car and £35k boat (that costs several hundred to fill at the pumps)

I have my theories.

It was ‘hoaching’ when I got back to Balloch having dropped the missus and kids at Luss where they’d left the car. It took over an hour just to get into the slipway and get the boat back on the trailer.

The canoe might make a return next week.


All the talk is of people flocking to the UK in the event of the (inevitable) Eurozone implosion.

Surely the influx of money is a bigger worry?

Can the banks cope?

Duff Choices

The man on Craig Whyte’s right here (i.e. on the left of the picture) is David Grier. He acted as a consultant to Whyte and Rangers during and after Whyte’s takeover of the Ibrox club.

Grier was interviewed on February 1 by the website Business 7, part of the Daily Record’s Media Scotland group.

The interview, which wasn’t published, was carried out amid rumours that Duff & Phelps were being lined up by Craig Whyte as administrators of Rangers. The club were eventually plunged into administration on February 14.

He was asked if the finances at the club were “dire”.

Grier replied: “I don’t know where you are getting that information from but we certainly don’t know that information.”

When asked if he was advising Rangers on any form of insolvency or being lined up as an administrator, Grier said: “No.”

He also denied any knowledge of an unpaid £6million VAT bill and added: “There are no creditors taking them to court.”

Two weeks later, it emerged Rangers owed £9million in unpaid PAYE tax and VAT.

Grier is boss of Rangers administrators Duff and Phelps.

What’s that smell?

Walt Disney and Hitler again….

Way back at the dawning of this blog I made this post about some Disney cartoons allegedly drawn by Hitler.

This week I discovered that despite Disney’s alleged right wing politics, he made an anti Nazi propaganda cartoon during the second world war:

And here it is:

The Queen’s Speech

From Private Eye