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The Lomond List

It was an idea I tried before. Pick ten tracks from Spotify and share them. With Spotify’s new functionality I’m going to resurrect that idea.

So here is this week’s Lomond List:

View from Canoe

Richie, Thomas and I took a trip from Milarrochay Bay to the tiny island of Eilean Darroch this morning. Eilean Darroch is at the tip of Inchfad which is an inhabited island with a farm on it. The inhabitants of Inchfad regard it as a PRIVATE!! island and visitors are not encouraged.

I was absolutely shocked therefore when one of our party paddled ashore and relieved himself on the island.

There is a legend that Eilean Darroch once hosted an illicit still.

Today its just a wee island with plenty trees and wild flowers as well as some oyster catchers, sandpipers and other birds.

It was pretty choppy today and whilst we had enjoyed the benefit of that on the way out, on the way back it was a different story!

Inchcruin this morning

Creinch and Inchmurrin from Eilean Darroch

Torrinch - Taken into the sun on Eilean Darroch

And just in case you haven’t noticed a shot of Ben Lomond here for a while…..

The Ben with Buccinch and Inchlonaig

Richie took this one of yours Truly:

The cry was no humility!

Following on from the rather ill judged comments of Ally McCoist, yesterday Sandy Jardine was at it.

I always thought it was the other lot who regularly dined at the Ubiquitous Chip on the Shoulder!

Jardine’s comments are bizarre in the extreme. At this stage we don’t even know if there will be a Rangers next season and here he is dishing out threats “The supporters will take sanctions against clubs which we deem have been unfair to ourselves.”


Messrs McCoist and Jardine would do well to learn a little bit of humility. That way they might be able to rescue some sympathy for Rangers that seems to ebb further every time a club official speaks in public.


Well done to the Sons in reaching the play offs for promotion to SFL division one.

Photo: Campbell Yule

New life

Lines on the birth of young Torran Williamson.

AnElephantCant contain his elation
AnElephant is jumping for joy
We hear that our friend the bold Smiler
Is Daddy to a bouncing baby boy

AnElephantCant forget Mrs Smiler
We think having babies is probably quite hard
So we trumpet our delight for the family
And send a trunkful of warmest regards


Congrats from the BLFP to Mr and Mrs Smiler too!

Walk the Walk

AnElephantCant say we’re great walkers
But we are a bit of a squeeze in a car
We are not built for a bike
So when we have to hike
We prefer a short stroll to going too far

A campaign by the Living Streets charity
Wants to get us all stretching our legs
We have to admit
We are not awfully fit
We don’t usually go further than Greggs

We quite like to meander or amble
We don’t often canter or trot
A leopard can lope
As can an antelope
But we assure you AnElephantCannot

When we go for a dauner or perambulation
We have to remember which roads we have crossed
We find one-way streets
Confuse some of our feet
We are embarrassed to admit we get lost

When our promenade leads to a bifurcation
We confess we can sometimes be baffled
We have a solution
To our state of confusion
We know the difference is to take the road less travelled

dauner – Scots for saunter
Greggs – a chain of retail bakers

The Great British Walking Challenge

Get the calculators out!

The Sons go to Stirling today  knowing that a victory will confirm their place in the play offs for promotion to the first division. I can well remember a previous visit to Forthbank when, with Murdo McLeod as manager, Sons clinched promotion with a 2-0 victory there in 1994-95. I had a beer or two that night!

From Sons website here are the possible outcomes of today’s game with a thought spared for the Binos who are battling relegation to the third division.

Play-Off Scenario

If Sons WIN they will clinch a play-off place tomorrow whatever happens elsewhere.

If Sons DRAW then their play-off place will be confirmed if Stenhousemuir do not win at Arbroath. Because Airdrie United and East Fife are playing each other at New Broomfield, they will not both be able to overtake Sons.

If Sons LOSE , they can still seal a play-off place tomorrow. However, they need Stenny to lose at Arbroath and the Airdrie United v East Fife game not to end in a draw.

Back in ’64

Shanghai Jimmy referred to a court case in 1964 where Rangers had tried to have the Scottish League reconstructed and five teams excluded. I remembered a superb resource, namely the Google Newspaper Archive and after a bit of checking on dates found a report from the Glasgow Herald on 27th May 1964 on the five clubs’ successful appeal on the earlier granting of the case.

Will the worm turn?

The worm turns – Used to describe when a person or group of people who have been treated badly for a long time suddenly become forceful and stop accepting a difficult situation.

I wonder if anyone remembers the setting up of the Self Preservation League (SPL) back in 1998? Remember those heady days when the top ten clubs headed by our old chums Rangers and Celtic cut adrift the rest of Scottish Football and left them to their fate?

In an act similar in principle to the Highland clearances, the poor were left to their own devices by the aristocracy. The aristocracy had discovered that by simply jettisoning any obligation to their neighbours they could increase the bottom line on their balance sheets.

The Highlanders in the 18th and 19th centuries were left to rebuild their lives by emigration to the new world as the Duke of Sutherland and the like counted their ever increasing piles of cash. The SFL clubs 200 years later were left with no TV money, very little transfer income and a list of criteria almost guaranteed to bankrupt any one of them should they finish top of the pile and thus qualify for the one place available through promotion each season.

Like the resourceful Highlanders of yore, the SFL clubs carved out a future for themselves. Through resourceful and innovative management they attracted sponsorship (The Irn Bru deal has been a long lived and successful one for all parties). The play off system has its supporters and detractors but it has certainly led to many more meaningful games.

In SFL 2 at least six clubs out of ten will be involved in the final mix.

And so to the point of all this.


There has been much talk in recent days that a newco Rangers might just have to start again in the third division of the SFL. Even their manager was quoted as saying that this might be the preferred option.

That’s right, Rangers. Prime movers in the setting up of the SPL and in the time since, along with their Old Firm partners Celtic trying to find some loophole, some way of leaving Scottish football for good and joining the English Premiership.

To play in a different league.

To play in an environment in keeping with their history and status within the game.

It’s a very long way down from the FA Premiership to SFL 3 but Rangers might just find that there would be similar difficulties in gaining admission.

SFL chief David Longmuir outlines in this morning’s press the process that a club, any club would have to go through should a vacancy arise.

In the case of Rangers the SFL clubs would perhaps be tempted by the money and media interest that a re-emerging club would bring into the league. However they would have to balance that with the fact that the third, second and first division championships would be a no contest in the respective following three seasons.

Also, in a footballing environment mercifully free of the issues that surround the Old Firm, there would have to be a real threat of sanctions on supporters’ behaviour to maintain that state of affairs.

It would also be interesting what the opinion of supporters of clubs in the SFL think about this.

Spartans, Cove Rangers and Preston Athletic would probably be able to put forward better long term applications for membership. Any Rangers newco membership would be for three years.

It is looking increasingly likely that the former noble lord who once contemptuously dismissed the pleas of the mendicant serfs may now be throwing themselves on their mercy.

That mercy is, in all honesty, likely to be given but it should not be taken for granted.

A Pair of Jeremys


Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt could surely pass for a younger Fred Goodwin.

Jeremy Hunt

Another Jeremy Hunt

Could it be that Jeremy’s career path is about to follow the same trajectory as Fred’s?