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When Thieves Fall Out

I noticed with no little amusement this article from the Metro regarding Alistair Darling’s new book.

Then I recalled two previous postings from this very journal firstly this one:

And then this one:

To be kind one would just have to say that Al’s memory is playing tricks. The less kind amongst us may say he was being less than frank on at least one occasion.

If he was being entirely honest with his opinions, then I have to ask:

Could it be that a blogger who plays the moothie and likes a dram but alas has no financial or political experience whatsoever, had a better handle on what was going on than the Prime Minister or the Chancellor?

Only asking.


3 Responses

  1. It was not such a unusial situation / Alistair a good soul
    whom goes by the book /// abides by international laws.

    Gordon a prime minister whom during drastic times / in
    having to take drastic measures // no time for a debate
    over cups of tea / biscuits / or oysters and champagne.

    If a finger pointed at the guilty // then such guilty being
    the USA’s republican party /while in govt they removed
    banking regulations / which n place to prevent banking
    fraud // with banking regulations removed it opened up
    the bank doors unto massive banking fraud // the then
    situation bringing a western banking crisis / followed by
    a western banking collapse. For a USA bringing a dire
    situation $BILLIONS on $billions lost /millions of people
    made unemployed / life saving as homes lost / millions
    of americans finding themselves / as victims of poverty.

    If such enough of an tragedy for the american people’s
    then there was more horror than was expected to come.

    In govt republicans declared / an holy christian crusade
    against muslims / abandoned international law then set
    out on a rampage through the middle east / resulting in
    many hundreds of thousands killed // destruction death
    the suffering bringing an river of blood / a river of tears.

    The sad reality republicans did not win the election that
    putting them in govt / such win came via massive voting
    fraud aided by an corrupt supreme court ruling // which
    gave election win to republicans / placing them as Govt.

  2. B.

  3. Jeni, that wins today’s shortest comment competition!

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