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Carry On Camping!

From The BBC

Précis below

The evangelical broadcaster who left followers crestfallen by his failed prediction that last Saturday would be Judgement Day says he miscalculated.

Harold Camping said it had “dawned” on him that God would spare humanity “hell on Earth for five months” and the apocalypse would happen on 21 October.

Mr Camping said he felt “terrible” about his mistake.

But he said he could not give financial advice to those who spent their life savings in the belief the end was nigh.

Caption Competition

“I’ve been mocked and scoffed and cursed at,” said Jeff Hopkins, a retired TV producer in New York state who spent some of his savings customising his car to showcase Mr Camping’s warning.

“It’s like getting slapped in the face.”

Asked if he had any advice to offer those who had given away their material wealth in the belief the world was about to end, Mr Camping said they would cope.

“We just had a great recession. There’s lots of people who lost their jobs, lots of people who lost their houses… and somehow they all survived,” he said.

“We’re not in the business of giving any financial advice,” he added.

“We’re in the business of telling people maybe there is someone you can talk to, and that’s God.”

It is not known at this stage what the status of Camping’s wealth is.

Does anyone feel any sympathy for retired TV producer and weapons grade thicko Jeff Hopkins?


Me neither.


The Zimmer Man…..

Following Brian’s poem this morning, my esoteric, photographic and poetic pal John O’Hare writes………

Dear Robert
Don’t know if its too late for publication…I wrote this in sincere tribute some months back…we all have our own Bob but to me he’s a Bob of the mind for everyman.

Young Dylan

Wild and broody with wary mustang eyes
a kid wise beyond his years
tongue-tied, defensive
sharp on the uptake, upstakes
kickin’ down fencerails heads on upstate and blazes a trail.
He follows the footsteps of the grizzled old Okie
finding him where the fruit fell and flowered
a Johnny appleseed, in thought and deed.
Burning to be a poet, the poet burned within him
spilling out rhyme like wanton seed, shocking and fertile
living his life as a quest and singing with a holy rage.
The road taught him the journey lay within
a ballad of unbroken song connecting him to everywhere
and other voices already gone, living on within the framework of his song.
Feet planted firmly, spitting it out clear-eyed and to the point
or throwing his head back with eyes closed
he would talk in tongues and relate visions
of what is gone and what is yet to come.

john o’hare 2010

Happy 70th. Birthday Bob Dylan.

This comes via Brian – the half brain half of the brains behind AnElephantCant

The Poet

The wind has blown, the times a-changed
Lay lady lay is long laid to rest
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
Still doing what they have always done best

The hard rain that falls is harder now
The rich take just like a woman
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
The price of their wealth is inhuman

The chimes of freedom have been stilled
We learned we are not young forever
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
With the knowledge that they are so clever

They keep on talking of World War III
They keep that old stone rolling
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
Content with their bank accounts swollen

I wish that for just one time they could stand inside our shoes
But we are mere pawns in the game
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
Was all the poet’s love in vain?

Happy birthday, Bobby, and thanks for all the words.

Stormy Weather

This was the scene at the back of Bigrab Inc. yesterday. Perhaps you can’t see the wind, but note the effect in the leaves and branches on the ground. There were several trees uprooted in the area as winds up to 100mph battered the landscape. One poor soul lost their life when a tree fell on a car in Balloch.